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How to Approach a Girl Like a Gentleman

How to approach a girl like a gentleman


Being a gentleman is a matter of choice and a gentleman is a man of virtues. This not only applies in areas of profession and passion but also in your areas of dating. Although every man wants to find the best possible partner for himself, it is more than likely that he blows off his chance with an attractive girl. Approaching, dating and courting women is a skill that develops over time and with the right knowledge and experience. Here are 5 things a gentleman certainly knows on how to approach a girl that he likes.

1. A Gentleman is Never Unsure About His Feelings 

convey your feelings
Gentleman coveys his feelings right away

While approaching an attractive girl might seem daunting and scary, but a gentleman pulls himself together and walks right through his fears. He does not play games or subtly hints that he likes her but takes courage and expresses his true feelings in the initial interaction.

When you like a woman and express your feelings to her, you become vulnerable, yet confident. While other guys are trying to slip their feelings through text messages showered with emojis, you are being direct and confident about what you feel. Since you are not hiding or playing games, it makes you appear more attractive.

2. A Gentleman Never Negs a Woman

gentleman does not neg women
gentleman speaks highly of everyone

Negging is basically a tactic that most players use to criticize women and convey a message that she has lower standards. Naturally, when someone challenges your standards, your instincts are to prove them wrong. But, honestly, one does not have to prove anything to anyone.

However, a gentleman is beyond the standards of a player, he will always speak highly of any person, no matter the sex. Remember, a gentleman is a man of virtues and he will ensure that his actions are congruent to who he internally is. He knows how to approach a girl like a gentleman and treat her respectfully unlike players. He will inspire, uplift and encourage everyone to be the best they possibly can.

3. A Gentleman Knows How to Present Himself When Approaching a Girl He Likes

a gentleman presents himself well
gentleman knows how to present himself

A gentleman takes pride in presenting himself in a way that is respectable. When approaching a woman that he likes, he makes sure that he looks his best. This does not mean wearing high fashion clothing but how you make each piece of clothing to work harmoniously in your outfit. When you pay attention to how you appear, it shows that you respect yourself and as well as the person that you are interacting with. A gentleman first learns how to present himself properly before learning how to approach a girl that he likes.

A gentleman knows that people form initial opinions just by the way a person presents themselves before the world. Dressing well and having good physical fitness makes you appear a lot more attractive than other guys out there. Moreover, dressing well and being fit can be a major boost to your confidence, which again shoots your attractiveness numbers off the roof.

4. A Gentleman Knows How to Handle Rejection

gentleman is kind
gentleman knows how to handle rejection

A gentleman not only knows how to approach a girl but also how to handle himself when he is rejected. A gentleman understands how attraction works and he is never upset or pissed about the fact that a woman he finds attractive, does not reciprocate similarly. He respects her decisions, is never passive-aggressive and moves on to find the next viable partner.

Guys, attraction cannot be forced. But, there are ways that you can increase your chances of appearing attractive. This begins with self-improvement (having a purpose in life, dressing well, taking care of your body and etc.) Get on the journey of self-improvement and see yourself excelling not only in dating but also in other areas of your life.

5. A Gentleman is Humble and Kind

be kind and humble
a gentleman is kind and humble

Humility and kindness are two of the most important virtues of a gentleman. When approaching a woman that he likes, a gentleman never boasts about his achievements, possessions or talent. He first expresses his true feelings before the woman and lets her decide if she feels the same for him. A gentleman is kind to himself and the woman, if she does not reciprocate back his feelings and thanks her for letting him know. However, when a woman likes him back, instead of boasting about him entirely, a gentleman gives the woman the opportunity to explore him slowly and takes the opportunity to explore her.

Gentlemen, these were 5 things that you should know on how to approach a girl that you like. When you follow these 5 things, it is certain that you will come off as a high-value man and as a man who is confident and respectable. Even if a woman does not like you back, you take it as an experience that you cherish, understand how attraction works and move onto the next woman. Until next time, this is Vincent, asking you to keep hustling.

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