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A Gentleman’s Guide to Dating Etiquette


A guy should make the woman he is dating feel different and more special than anyone else in his lifeSamantha Daniels

Etiquette is an inevitable part of a gentlemanly lifestyle. Your etiquette is always at play, whether in an official setting or on a date. Dates can be nerve-wracking, but it is a man’s responsibility to overcome unnerving challenges and be on his best behavior. You can seem sloppy and underconfident if you are unaware of your behavior. Nobody likes being embarrassed on a date, especially on the first date. Therefore, it’s best to be prepared than to be sorry. Therefore, having a handy rulebook or an article, in this case, can be extremely helpful. If you have a date around the corner and you are looking for some assistance, look no further. Here are five ways to exhibit the best dating etiquette on your first or fifty-fifth date.

Be on Time

There’s something special about being on time. You can only be on time if you plan your day carefully and carry out your routines promptly. Timeliness is a highly appreciable quality. Being on time indicates that you have a sorted routine and can keep sound track of time and other essential things in your life. Your date would also appreciate for not keeping them waiting on you.

Dress Right

At Men n’ More, we are huge advocates of dressing like a gentleman. You can be a gentleman in a suit or casual attire. It all boils down to how you put the pieces together harmoniously. Ensure that your clothes fit well. You don’t want to wear anything over or undersized. Depending on where you’re date is scheduled, you’d want to dress accordingly. Do not forget to finish your outfit with a great pair of complementing shoes.

Be Courteous

Courtesy means being polite, gentle, respectful, and considerate. As gentlemen, all of us embrace these qualities. However, being courteous on a date is of the utmost importance. Show respect towards your date, the waiter, and strangers. In the process, you will also appear to be a man of integrity. These are all top qualities worth striving for. The beast in us tends to get aggressive when challenged. But, it’s essential to keep that beast on a leash and handle difficult situations with diplomacy rather than aggression.

Pay Undivided Attention

Let’s admit that we all have difficulty paying attention to other people. We are primarily lost in our heads, thinking about what to say next. Being non-attentive is a disease that requires immediate attention — pun intended. It’s the root of most miscommunication and breeds egotistical behaviors. When you really pay attention to what others say, you let go of devising what you would say in return. You are essentially in a conversation for the other person’s sake rather than for your own egoistic needs.


Always Offer to Pay First

Times have changed, and with changing times, men and women have taken the baton to lead their dates. However, men have been paying for dates since time immemorial. There is something about a man offering to take care of his date, friends, and family. It shows his caring conscience and will to be hospitable.

Final Thoughts

As gentlemen, we strive to live a harmonious, courteous, and compassionate lifestyle. Dating is an essential part of most men’s lives. Pay extra attention to ensure that you present and behave in a manner that respects your date, makes them feel comfortable, and instills trust in them for you. To continue growing into a gentleman, ensure to visit Men n’ More again to find similarly exciting articles. 


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