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The Art of Texting a Woman That You Like


I know, I know, times have changed and it is a generation of virtual touch and the scarcity of physical touch. Last month, I received a lot of requests from guys asking me to teach them on how to text a woman, what they should be texting her and how often they should text. The internet has lot of ideas when it comes to texting a woman and if you begin following them, it is a surefire that your dating game is going nowhere.

In this article, I will be listing down 4 important tips that you can add to your dating arsenal and show your true value to the woman you like. These are not manipulative methods, instead, these are logical and practical tips that you should still be following even if you were not going to date anyone.

Text With a Purpose

You shouldn’t be texting a woman without a purpose. You cannot just text and ask how she is doing, what she is doing, how was her day. If you are so curious about her, give her a call instead. Do not date on text messages. If you are giving all your attention to a woman virtually, what else will you be left with when you are physically present before her? I have done this before and I know how it feels in the long run. So, minimize texting, maintain some mystery and make her curious. The reason you text her all the time is because you are thinking about her all the time. Take a minute and think about the CEO of a company, he has got other fucking responsibilities in life and he is not thinking about his woman all the time but is focused on improving his company. You think about her all the time, because you do not have shit going on in your life. That is why I say, have a purpose in life. Women are attracted to men who are ambitious and have a mission in their lives.

Don’t be Needy

When you text a woman all the time, it shows that you are needy and you need her attention. Trust me guys, neediness is an unattractive behavior. Moreover, if you keep initiating the text, you don’t give her the chance to think about you or miss you. So, allow some time. Spend time with yourself. Spend time with friends and family and build stronger relationships with them too. A man, who displays the trait of not wanting or needing anything from anyone, gets all the attention.

Pursue Your Mission in Life

You got to understand one thing and it is that a woman should never be your priority in life. Your priority in life is your purpose, your mission, your ambition. Your purpose and mission could be anything but not women, it could be that you want to run a business, learn a new musical instrument, build a physique, read new books, etc. You also have to make sure that the woman you date knows this about you. So, don’t stop doing whatever that you are doing to text anyone. Only text them after you have finished the task. The reason why women take time to reply to your text messages is because they too have a life and are busy doing things in their life and you are not their priority at that moment. So, understand it. Taking your time to respond to messages indicates that you are not always available and have other things going on in your life.

Set Dates

Do not treat texting as a telephonic conversation. You shouldn’t be writing long ass stories about your day and incidents. You only have to text to set the next definite date with her. If you say everything to your woman on text, you have nothing else to talk on the date itself. So, refrain from texting too much and only text to set the next date. You also have to refrain from flirting, sexting and escalating on text. That is a fucking beta behavior. Do those things in person.

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  1. Justin Estrada says

    I completely agree with what your saying here.
    “Do not treat texting as a telephonic conversation. You shouldn’t be writing long ass stories about your day and incidents.”
    Give her the gift of missing you. If your writing ‘long ass stories’ than what’s the point of her meeting up with you to talk, when you do meet up you won’t have anything to talk about cause you gave it all away in your texts.
    Less is more.

    And yes important things should be said in person, not over text.

    I would also add to the set date topic that a man shouldn’t be ambiguous.
    I see men failing constantly to get the girl to follow through and that’s because they aren’t clear about what they want.

    When I tell my girlfriend to meet me someone, I just say,
    “I’m picking you up at 830, dress sexy.”

    1. Kavesh Khanna says

      Amazing insight on the ambiguity part. That is definitely something to look forward to. A man who can take firm decisions is an attractive man.

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