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7 Effective Steps to Become a Confident Man Instantly


Staying confident in all situations is an attractive and admired trait of a man. Today, there are many men who have difficulty staying in a confident frame and often keep hearing the phrase “be confident”. Just by asking someone to be confident does not necessarily make them confident. Confidence is a quality and trait that is built by taking the right actions.

So gentlemen, today I present to you 7 effective steps to become a confident man instantly. These steps are not in any order but make sure you begin incorporating these into your life starting from today. Without further a do, let us begin:

Go out of your comfort zone

You know, we refrain from doing so many things that we want to do or love to do because we are so much concerned about other people’s opinions of ourselves. Sometimes, we even refrain from doing the things that test our physical capability such as hitting the gym, eating a balanced diet and so on. Once you begin accomplishing the things that you initially felt uncomfortable doing, you begin valuing and seeing yourself in a different light. This achievement results in shooting your self-confidence and self-esteem through the roof.

Work Out and Eat Healthy

Bet you saw this one coming. Obviously! When you work out and take care of your body, you feel confident about your appearance and health. No one else is going to work out for you or eat healthy for you. This is your body and your home where you are going to live for a long time. So, it is quintessential that you take care of it, it will thank you later. Working out can change how you look and feel about yourself dramatically.

Motivate Yourself

Positive self-talk or positive affirmations are the positive things that you tell yourself every day. When I wake up, I thank nature for gifting me another day, I tell myself that I am a confident man, I am powerful, I am healthy, I love the life that I live, I love the people that are in my life, and so on. When you say those positive things to yourself, you plant the seeds of positivism in your brain. Overtime, these thoughts turn into beliefs and once you begin believing in yourself and who you are, you no longer will self-doubt.

Dress Up! 

Wearing clothes that fit like a glove will make your look sharper. You can wear anything that you like but if doesn’t fit you well, you are going to feel uncomfortable, at least, me and my friends did. The next thing that we did was buying clothes that fit us well. The feeling that you get while wearing clothes that were meant for your body is inexpressible.

PS: You can always hit the gym to fit into your t-shirts and shirts. (Just saying)

Maintain Strong Eye Contact

There is nothing more masculine in a man than his ability to hold strong eye contact. Maintaining eye contact is such an easy thing to do but most guys fail at it miserably and I don’t know why or what do they think while holding eye contact with a gorgeous, hot woman. When you are unable to maintain eye contact, it demonstrates nervousness, insecurity and non-attentiveness. Whether it is a man or a woman that you are talking to, try holding eye contact for majority of the conversation. The simple rule that you can follow goes something like this – you need to be holding 60% eye contact when you talk and 80% when you listen. Trust me guys, start doing this from today and within a month you’ll find yourself at a much better place when it comes to conversational skills and your confidence level is going to be much higher.

Right Posture is everything

If you are a fan of Superman or Wonder Woman, you might have guessed what is this pose that I am talking about. Yes, the pose with your feet placed at shoulder width and your arms on your hips. This pose or stance has been scientifically proven to elevate your confidence level. I have been practicing this stance from a long time now and it has become my default stance. When you pose in this way, your shoulders are forced to go backwards and your chest opens up, which not only improves your posture but also demonstrates confidence.

Utilize space around you

Taking up space when you sit shows that you make yourself comfortable. When you feel comfortable,  people around you will also feel comfortable. The picture above shows what I really mean by taking up space. You do not have to go overboard and take up space so that people sitting next to you have to curl. You just need as much as space as everyone else does. Taking up space also puts you in a position where you appear comfortable and have an open body language which is very much welcomed by the ladies.

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Stay Manly!

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