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About Men n’ more

Men n’ more is The ultimate style destination for real men. The first Indian Men’s lifestyle blog that talks about real men and their real needs. No more GQ, Esquire & Maxim, we know what a man needs and what he wants to learn. A men’s fashion blog that offer personal stylingfitness, grooming, etiquette and relationship advice. Owned by Kavesh Khanna the self learned lifestyle writer with 5 years of experience. It is a place where men can come hangout and learn a few good things so that they can be the best version of themselves.

The Philosophy

Men n’ more was started with a philosophy to help men in need. No one knows the price of a compliment better than us. We want men to not only stay stylish, but well groomed and well mannered too. Men n’ more is one of the best self development blogs in India. We know men also feel neglected sometimes and they have no one to talk about very basic things such as personal hygiene. You can not ask these things from your mom and sometimes it is awkward to go to your dad and talk about manscaping, so to solve this issue we bring you the most forbidden and taboo topics that are essential for men across the globe. Not much men’s lifestyle blogs talk about these issues. 


We are pretty ambitious and we want to be the biggest community for men in India. A one stop destination to hangout and learn. We do not wish to give you the same over-hyped 6 pack shortcuts or way to a woman’s pant because we know men are much more than workout junkies and sex craving perverts. We talk to sensitive and mature men or men who wants to be successful and have a respectable place in the society.
So come be a part of this unique venture and let’s help our fellow alphas









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