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Why Are You Always Tired


The higher your energy level,  the more efficient your body. The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you use your talent to produce outstanding results.- Anthony Robbins.

“I feel so tired”, one phrase which is really common these days.

With our super competitive and hectic schedule, most of us run low on energy. Have you ever wonder, why does this happen? Why do you always feel so tired? Even if you take enough rest on the weekend, the rest of the week seems like dragging. You have little or no interest in day-to-day activities, and everything feels like a chore. Not just that but even the thought of partying and meeting your friends don’t excite you anymore. This is not a unique situation, in fact this is a common site among people either working in a 9-5 corporate job or using screens as their primary tool of work.

Feeling tired doesn’t necessarily mean your body is asking for more rest. This can either be a sign that you’re unwell, or a result of poor lifestyle choices. There are a few very important day-to-day activities, we tend to overlook resulting in lack of energy, drowsiness and sometimes weakness.

Here are a few reasons on why you are always tired.

Lack of movement

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Human body is not meant to stay at rest. In fact, the more we push our limits the better our body would look and function. So exercising is a must not just to gain strength or have a chiselled physique but also to stay focused and energetic all day long. It does not have to be a sophisticated or disciplined routine, you just have to put your body into motion. Even if you are unable to go to the gym, you can do some amazing home workouts and fill yourself with vim and vigour. Just taking a small walk in the park, simple stretching or even a few push ups can make a difference. To know more read The Instant benefits of Working Out.   

Poor Diet

“You are what you eat”, this phrase is common yet very powerful. A very big reason of you feeling tired all the time can be your poor diet. Do you know that you body needs energy even to digest the food you eat. So it is simple, the more greasy and high-calorie food you consume, the more your body will have to use the energy making you lethargic. Having a well-balanced nourished diet will make you feel energetic and ready for everything. While, a lot of us get stuck into an infinite loop of weather to follow a strict diet or let go and binge. A key measure here could be making sure whatever you eat should be cooked at home. Doing this can ensure that you are eating healthy and nutritious food. You can occasionally eat out or get a home delivery but do try to avoid it as much as possible. In case you stay alone and you feel cooking is a hassle, you can learn a few simple recipes that are easy to cook and nutritious. By doing this, you’re not just eating healthy but also learning a survival skill.

Irregular Sleep Pattern

If you are sleeping whenever you want, and waking up whenever you want. Congratulations! You have won yourself low energy for days. Your body needs adequate sleep, and in a regular pattern. So sleeping for 8 hours isn’t enough. You need to set a sleeping pattern to stay energetic and increase endorphin in your brain. One easy way to do it is by setting a sleeping time (keeping your routine in mind) and following it religiously (you can be flexible on your busy days). Similarly set a window in which you will wake up. Try this for a few days and you will feel a huge upward spike in your energy meter.

Too Much Caffeine

Coffee is god’s nectar, I too am a self-confessed caffeine addict. I can never start my day without a hot cup of delicious coffee. Having said that sometimes too much coffee disturbs my routine too. Especially, if I am having a cup of joe later in the evening. Caffeine in moderation can do wonders but if over consumed, it can make you restless, eventually draining you and resulting in low energy.

So, these are a few common reasons why we all feel tired all the time. Please let us know if changing any of these habits helped you, or if you have any other way to stay energetic all day long. 

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