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5 Manly Skills You Can Develop During the Quarantine


Better days are coming, till then let’s stay indoors.

“What would you do if you were locked in a house for a certain period of time?”

If this question was asked few months ago, most of us would’ve reacted very differently to it but since it’s no longer a hypothetical situation, I think it’s time to think about the answer practically.

Manliness is often associated with adventure and outdoorsy stuff, which isn’t completely wrong. In fact, it is true to a very large extent. Having a streak of adventure and love for wilderness is indeed manly but a modern man need to be equipped for every unforeseen circumstance, just like the current outbreak of this pandemic. While, a lot of us are coping up with these hard times by staying at home and maintaining social distancing. This is actually a good time to learn a few skills that essential for your survival and wellbeing. These might look simple but if mastered these skills can take you places and you can always be ready for most situations.


Photo by Craig Adderley from Pexels

If you can cook your own food, you’re covered for most adverse situations. For instance, the current situation, most countries are under lockdown and there is no way you can eat out. This is the perfect time to try some mouth-watering and nutritious recipes. While cooking may seem an easy task to many, it can look intimidating too. However, if you master basic cooking skills, i.e. chopping vegetables, prepping meat and mixing right spices, you can go miles. Start with hard to mess dishes like scrambled eggs, oat meal, omelette, salads, instant noodles, etc. They may look like a task to begin with but once you whip up some scrumptious meals, cooking is a great therapy. So, don the apron and embrace the challenges of the culinary world.


There is no better time than this quarantine, to pay attention to the leaking faucets that are often overlooked. We are not suggesting you to unscrew any of your existing taps or pipes but you can look for leaking and repairable places and work your way. Plumbing is the most underrated skill, yet it is one of the most helpful in tough times. When there are no or minimal plumbers available in these times. You can turn out to be a superhero and save some cash too.

Shaving and trimming your beard

I am sure a majority of you are well-equipped to take on your unkempt beard but for those who don’t know how to shave or trim their beards, this is the time to pay some attention to polish your grooming skills. It may be a little dangerous, since you’re dealing with sharp blades and metal teeth. But what is manlier than playing with sharp objects (just kidding).

Taking care of your clothes, yourself

This one is a bunch of skills teamed up. A stylish man doesn’t only wear good clothes, but he knows how to take care of them properly. This includes washing, ironing and organising your closet. You don’t own a washing machine, even better. Washing your clothes by hand increase their life span and air drying brings the life back in them. Not to forget the free full body workout. If you are a pro washer, time to test your ironing skills. Get the iron steaming and clean you iron board, it’s time to give your shirts the crisp crease it deserves. The best part about quarantine is that you are working from home so you can prep your clothes in advance. If you’re pro at ironing also, how about learning a little bit of sewing. Maybe sewing a button or hemming your pants, the possibilities are endless.

Reading for fun

This one is quite debatable. Reading, a skill? Well, it is indeed. Not just reading for your job or school, reading for fun is an enriching and essential skills. A book is your best friend, it doesn’t need battery and they kill boredom too. If you develop a habit of reading you’d never run out of topics to talk and cultivate many virtues. Reading needs a lot of patience and discipline. You not just consume those words but also understand them and enjoy. Pick any book fiction, no-fiction, sci-fi or even a comic. Develop a habit of reading everyday and you don’t necessarily need to buy an expensive book. You can start small, even a newspaper would do ().  Slowly, you would like to explore more and expand your horizon.

These are definitely rough times, while the world is dealing with this pandemic with lockdowns and social-distancing, we can play our part by staying home. We have two options, either crib and feel depressed or we can develop our skills and grow ourselves. The later will make the future times a breeze.

This is time to stay strong and not lose hope and for your daily dose of content, we at Men n’ more will bring you more insightful and engaging articles, podcast and videos.

We wish a you skilful, safe and healthy quarantine.

Stay indoors, stay manly!

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