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10 Home Skills Every Man Must Master


Only a man who is exceptionally skilful can stand before kings – Sunday Adelaja

Men are considered fixers inherently, and they are expected to find solutions. Whether it’s home, workplace, or outdoors a man should always be equipped with the required skills to fix day-to-day problems. To have a skilled man around is a comforting bliss. Also, it is never a bad deal to learn a skill or two. Up-skilling oneself has a myriad of benefits, and saving money is one of the few. While outdoor and tactical skills are helpful in adverse situations, some common households require simple yet effective solutions. These problems can obstruct your daily tasks and make life difficult. To overcome these issues, let us discuss ten home skills you must master and make living delightful. These skills for the home include basic repair jobs, hacks, and tricks. In the long run, they can save you time, money, and hassle in finding professional help. You can easily hone these skills with a little bit of elbow grease and some trial and error. These skills do not even require high-end equipment and tools, you can use what you have handy and sort it out.

1. Unclog your Kitchen Sink

Home skills to unclog kitchen sink
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Kitchen sinks are notoriously infamous to get clogged easily with food waste. This can be a messy situation and can result in unpleasant odor and bacterial growth. You can try unclogging the sink by pouring some baking soda in the drain and then topping it with a glass of white vinegar. This causes an effervescent reaction and the bubbles can help loosen the food particles stuck in the drain pipe. If you still find the sink clogged, there are many effective drain cleaners available on the market.

2. Stop Doors from Squeaking

A squeaking sound from the door can be really annoying. The annoying sound could be due to dirt and rust build-up, old hinges, or lack of lubrication. One fix is to oil/lubricate your door hinges regularly and swap them completely when too worn out. This small fix can extend the life of your doors and save you from the trouble and bothersome noise.

3. Change a light fixture

Finding a reliable and affordable electrician is really difficult. You can save yourself this trouble by learning simple electrical repairs. Your old worn-out light fixtures can make your house dated and worn out. Swap them with some contemporary LED-based fixtures and you can change the aesthetics of your home and also save some money on your electric bills. You do not need schmancy power tools for this just a plier and screwdriver are enough for this small job.

4. Replace a wire plug/light switch

Broken down wire plus and switches are not just poor looking but they can be hazardous. Replacing a wire plug or switch is a simple skill that can easily be mastered. Just turn off the main power supply and try attempting this repair. Once confident you can replace old switches without switching off the power supply.

5. Patch small wall holes

Nail holes, chips, and cracks can tarnish the look of your walls and no contractor would take up such petty work. Fixing these holes can be a really easy task. You just need some white cement and a scraper. This repair takes less than an hour and can be easily perfected.

6. Paint/re-touch walls

Painting your whole room/house require professional help but painting or retouching a single wall is not a big deal. You do not have to ace the paint job, a passable attempt can be enough to elevate the appearance of the wall significantly.

7. Deep Clean Bathroom

A clean bathroom is essential for healthy living. It is one place, which garners bacterial growth the most. Daily cleaning is fine but sometimes you have to pull your socks and tackle the stubborn stains. If you can deep clean your bathroom, you can make your shower, fixtures, and taps last really long

8. Replace the Leaky Toilet Tank

With time your toilet tank experiences normal wear and ends up leaking. This leakage is due to a faulty valve or flush kit. You can easily repair this by replacing the old flush kit or cleaning the valve. These flush kits can help you save a lot of water and some repair cost too.

9. Drilling Perfectly

Drilling holes may seem like a calk walk but it is not. Picking a drill and just banging it on the wall can end up with chipped plaster and a crooked hole. Drilling the perfect holes require precision, the hole needs to be straight and rightly sized. You should also be able to use the right drill bit for the right type of hole. Once you master this technique your fixtures will come out much cleaner and you would never end up with a tilted wall hanging.

10. Replace an old tap

Plumbers usually throw tantrums for small jobs like changing an old tap. While this repair is a bit more systematic but you can easily master it with a try or two. If you want to save water while you replace the old tap, find the main faucet and cut the water supply till you finish the repair job.

Your home requires constant maintenance and hiring a professional is not always a feasible option. These skills require minimal tools and experience but if mastered, they can save you a ton of money and hassle in the long run. Always remember a skill learned is your biggest saving.

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