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Best Tasting Whey Proteins From Indian Brands



Protein is one nutrient that is essential for the normal as well as extensive wear and tear of muscle tissues in the body. It helps us to gain strength, build muscles and boost metabolism. The macronutrient is even more important for athletes and individuals with an active lifestyle, as they experience even more muscle tears and fatigue. All of us need at least 1 gram of protein per kilo of our body weight. Contrary to popular belief that it is possible to consume the required amount of protein from whole foods but whole foods also contain other add-ons like carbohydrates and fats. 

A lot of popular fat loss diets demand fats and carbohydrates to be in moderation and whey is the most effective supplement to meet your protein requirements. Whey is an easy source of fast-digesting protein extracted from milk. With just one scoop of quality whey, you get 25-30 grams of protein, keeping the unwanted calories at bay. The growing popularity and ease of accessibility have made whey one of the most loved supplements among fitness enthusiasts and athletes. At the same time, whey is also quite expensive in India due to it being outsourced from western countries. Another important factor to consider besides price is the taste of the product. 

The supplement is consumed on a daily basis and an unpalatable taste can be a dealbreaker for many. We have all seen the famous video of the bodybuilding king “Ronnie Coleman”, mixing a bunch of Nesquik in his whey protein shake, and let’s face it, if not chosen wisely, a protein powder can taste like medicine. To help you avoid adding flavors to your protein shakes, we bring to you some of the Best Tasting Whey Proteins from Indian Brands. We have shortlisted these on the basis of taste alone and to be fair we have listed their chocolate variants only. These brands are not just cost-effective but they also taste great. 

Note: This list is in no way sponsored, we have tried all of these brands ourselves and shortlisted the top of the lot. 

Big Muscle Whey Gold

Big muscle is a quite popular brand when it comes to sports nutrition and supplements. They have a wide variety of whey protein, creatine, and other essential supplements. Big Muscle Whey Gold is an economical and delicious whey protein, especially the Belgian Chocolate flavor. It tastes really good and even the mixes pretty well. You can buy a 2 kg pack of Big Muscle Whey Gold at ₹3319 from Amazon.

Health XP 100% Whey Protein

One of our favorite sports nutrition brands is HealthXP. They are among the top marketplace for supplements. HealthXP follows a less hype and more qualitative approach. The pricing is impressive and the products are potent. The packaging is also very subtle yet secure. We love their chocolate flavor but if you’re curious enough, you can try their other flavors as well. Health XP 100% whey protein is available in a 2 kg pack for ₹4099.

Muscle Blaze 100% Whey Protein 

Muscle blaze needs no introduction as it is a top nutrition brand in India. They are a huge player in the market and also have walk-in stores at prime locations. However, their products are on the expensive side when compared to other Indian nutrition brands. Muscle Blaze produces a plethora of whey proteins but the Muscle Blaze 100% whey protein is one of the initial offerings from the brand. The protein tastes great but it is quite pricey. The 2 kg pack of Muscle Blaze 100% Whey Protein costs ₹4999.


Muscle Blaze Biozyme Performance Whey 

Apart from all the fancy jargon and unwarranted claims, Muscle blaze has gotten one thing quite right with Muscle Blaze Biozyme Performance Whey – its taste. The brand claims that the product has a 50% improved absorption rate of protein. While we cannot confirm this claim, we can surely testify to the deliciousness of the protein. It comes in various flavors and the rich chocolate is among the tastiest. Muscle Blaze Biozyme Performance Whey is available for ₹4799 for a 2 kg pack. 

HealthXP Premium Series Whey Gold 

This is another gem from the basket of Health XP. As per the brand, Health XP Premium Series Whey Gold has 24 grams of quality protein in every serving. The packaging and the mixability of the product are commendable. The protein is also quite affordable in contrast to other whey proteins on the market. You can get a 2kg pack of Health XP Premium Series Whey Gold from Amazon at ₹4499.


Supplementing with a whey protein shake after a rigorous workout is a great way to replenish your energy. It becomes an enjoyable ritual if the protein tastes great as well. We hope this article will help you make an informed decision when choosing the best-tasting whey proteins from Indian brands, please let us know if you have a favorite among these. Or if you prefer any other brand, please tell us about that too. 


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