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What’s in my Gym Bag


“The groundwork for all happiness is good health.¨ – Leigh Hunt

The journey becomes a bliss when you travel with a mindfully packed bag. This applies to your fitness journey as well. Many of us believe that the only thing we need to carry to the gym is our body. What is the use of having a stacked gym bag when most gyms have all the amenities?
While the notion makes sense, we cannot deny the importance of gym essentials for a fulfilling workout. I have been working out for almost 10 years (on and off), and going to the gym is an integral part of my routine. Not only it helps me stay active, but it also improves my focus and reduces stress. I used to be a part of empty handed gym goers club but this is not the case anymore. Showing up well-equipped in the gym can make a lot of difference. You stay efficient and your workouts are more intense and fruitful. These are really inexpensive things, yet they help me achieve the best workout, keep me hydrated and protect me from potential injuries.

Nivea Gym Bag

Gym Essentials

The most important item in the Gym EDC is a fantastic gym bag. Choosing the perfect gym bag is not a cake walk. A good gym bag should be able to fit all your stuff without looking like a sausage. It should be easy to maintain and yet sturdy. It’s too much to ask but a high quality bag would be able to deliver on all these fronts. This amazing yet minimal bag from Nivea has served me quite well in the last six months. I have been rather careless in my use, still it is holding good and ageing gracefully. It does not smell and is made of high quality polyester, so you can be rest assured about the durability. It is big enough all the items I am listing, yet has a much smaller footprint. The cost of this bag is ₹399 and it is available on Amazon.

Cello Sportigo Water Bottle

Hydration is very important while working out. Not drinking enough water can be fatal, you can get really bad muscle cramps and even collapse due to dehydration. Plastic bottles are usually villainized and are usually considered harmful. While, a steel or glass bottle is your best bet to carry any kind of liquids, BPA free plastic bottles are inexpensive and can be good alternative. Cello sporting water bottle is leak free, light weight and easy to carry. Its drinking flap helps you sip the water easily during an intense workout. And for just ₹172, you can not ask for more.

Boldfit Knee Support Sleeves

Training your legs is essential to achieve the best physique you can but protecting your knees is even more crucial. But heavy weights puts your joint into a lot of pressure. This pressure can be lethal and can even lead to severe injury. To protect them from this pressure, you need a solid support. An effective knee support sleeve can help you achieve vigorous yet safe leg workout. These knee support sleeves from Boldfit are engineered to protect your knees and increases blood circulation. They are little on the expensive side but support they provide is unmatched. The best feature about these sleeves is the silicon made anti-slip ridges, they help the sleeves stay in place. These sleeves cost ₹799 on Amazon.

Wrist Support Bands

Gym essentials

Just like your knees, your wrists also are prone to injuries due to heavy lifts. Investing in a pair of wrist bands can be a smart decision. Wrist bands can also improve your lifting form during compound movements. These wrist support bands have supported me in a dire situation. I had twisted my wrist due to bad form and it was restricting my movement. These wrist bands helped supporting my wrists while improving my form too. The one I am using are generic and were bought offline but there are many inexpensive ones you can find on Amazon.

Domyos Training Gloves

Gym Essentials

There are two schools of thoughts when it comes to training gloves. One is completely against the use of gloves and one that advocates them. I prefer taking the middle road and only using the gloves when I am lifting really heavy. These gloves can enhance your grip on dumbbells and barbells, which eventually helps your progressive overload. These gloves are available on Decathlon offline and here are some options from Amazon.

OnePlus Buds ZGym Essentials

A good playlist can result in an energetic and effective workout. Good music in the gym can be pathbreaking. Whether you like listening to music, audiobook or podcast a nice pair of earphones are much needed. Gyms usually have some kind of audio system which is shared by a lot of people and you might not what’s playing in that. I own these OnePlus Buds Z as these are compatible with my OnePlus 9r, their sound profile is really good and they charge fairly quickly. The connect seamlessly and are a snug fit in ear. I have never encountered any accident slippage and the after sale service by OnePlus is fantastic. If you are looking for an inexpensive and dependable pair of True Wireless Earphones, these OnePlus Buds Z will cost you around ₹2999 and is available in three colors.

Himalaya Pure-hands Hand Sanitizer

Gym essentials

With the spread of pandemic, hand sanitizers have become an essential for every situation. In the gym, it is even more necessary as the weights and equipments are shared by many people. To avoid contamination and catching any kind of viral infection you must sanitize your hands frequently. I am using Himalaya Pure-hands Sanitizer due to the fragrance and cost. For a bottle of 100ml you will have to spend only ₹47 and it comes in variety of fragrances.

Hand Towel

Gym essentials
Dripping sweat on your barbell and gym equipment may look appealing but it is better to wipe it off. Carrying your own towel in the gym should be mandatory. I carry a small affordable hand towel and it has helped me stay sweat free and clean in the gym. You can choose from various options here and most of them would not cost you a fortune.

No war can be won empty handed, same is the case with your gym. Your gym bag should have all the essential you need. So that the only thing you should be worried about is how to progress in your workout and lift heavy.

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