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5 Classic Articles That Never Go Out of Style


At Men n’ more we believe in talking about timeless and classic things. While fashion trends come and go, classics stay forever. They stand a beating of time and still manage to stay relevant for centuries. Classic articles be it fashion or any other sphere are usually based on sheer utility and science. These timeless articles don’t even have any location constrains, they look good on men of every ethnicity. We’ve shortlisted 5 of these timeless articles that every man should own.

Well-Fitted Dark Suit

A well-fitted Suit to women is like lingerie to men. It’s powerful, sexy and leaves a kick-ass first impression. If you’re someone who is starting his style journey, A dark suit is one of the first few items your should spend on. Preferably Navy Blue, a dark suit will keep you covered for most occasions. Marriage, funeral, Job-interview or just when you want to feel like a boss, a darks suit is your armour of style.

Pro tip: Avoid black since it’s associated with funeral

Wrist watch with a leather strap

Every man needs a wrist watch and should own one. It’s more than just a timepiece. A lot of you may argue on the relevance of watch in today’s age, as a smartphone is enough to keep a track of time. But wearing a watch can make a huge difference in your life. People take you seriously and it can be a great conversation starter or just a sheer artsy yet utilitarian accessory. Invest in a watch with a leather strap and you don’t need to spend a fortune on the same. If you’re confused Check out watches under Rs 1000

Ties or Colorful neckwear

TimeLess Ties

“A well-tied tie is the first serious step in a man’s life- Oscar Wilde”

A neckwear can make you stand out of most men in the crowd. Bowties, ties, ascots or scarves any of these amazing accessories can bring the best out of a man. You ensemble look much more put together and these neckwear are here to stay for years to come. Invest in minimalist and classic designs, such as stripes, polka dots or checks, Timeless designs match well with most outfits and you look badass even when you become a dad.

Classic Hats

Fedoras, trilby, homburg or pork-pie. If these names look alien to you, welcome to the wonderful world of hats. In the early 19 century no man would step out of the house without a hat, it was staple in every stylish man’s arsenal. Regardless of age, class or race there was a hat for every man. Today a hat may look out of the place but if you start wearing one, you look stylish and sophisticated. Just don’t get carried away by trendy hats and buy something novelty.

Dark Denim

What is one clothing item that comes to your mind, when someone says bad boy?

Jeans, it’s masculine, rugged and yet it has a touch of class. But not all denims are created equal. While, super rugged and ripped denim may look fancy and trendy. It will not stand a test of time. You will regret spending your hard earned money on such thing. Get one dark denim and you can wear it or years to come. It looks good with a simple T-Shirt but it can also dress down your blazers/sports coats.

So Gentlemen, this is our list of some classic and timeless articles for men that can never go out of style. What is your take on them?

Do you think something else can be added in the list? Please share your feedback in the comments.

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