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Amazon Pick of the Month-Symbol Driving Moccasin


Technology has impacted our day-to-day life immensely. Internet and e-commerce are now an inevitable, if not an essential part of our lives. Our shopping habits have changed drastically too. We no longer want to visit physical stores and shops, this change in consumer behavior is also a result of the drawn-out lockdown due to COVID-19. We all bought quite a bit of stuff online during the lockdown, and now it has become the new normal.

One cannot deny that there are many benefits to online shopping. One of the most significant benefits is the availability of choices in everybody’s preferred price range, allowing you to choose from varying brands, fits, and styles. While there are many promising e-commerce stores, no one can match Amazon in terms of affordability and range. Not only can you find great deals on electronics and tech but also on clothing. With the same goal in mind, we headed to Amazon to claim a few incredible deals on fabulous apparel, household items, tech, skincare, etc. These deals were solely chosen on our gut instinct and a few customer reviews. Though we were able to sift some valuable deals from a vast collection, shortlisting the appropriate item from the abundance of “bestsellers” was not easy. So we thought, why not make this process a tad bit easier for you. Every month we would bring you one item that we bought from Amazon and absolutely fell in love with.
This month’s Amazon find is affordable Driving Moccasin for men by Symbol. Finding a well-put-together pair of summer shoes that is not too dressy but not too juvenile is a hard nut to crack. Low-top sneakers are a good option for a casual setting. Loafers complement a more formal environment, and low-top lace-ups are great for weddings and formal meetings. Some other fantastic summer options are espadrilles and mules, but none of these is suitable for the in-between occasions. A casual hang out with your friends or a relaxed, laid-back evening with your spouse. Times like these, when you do not want to look too casual or formal, call for a unique pair of shoes. Suede or leather Moccasin also called driving shoes, are perfect for these easy-going outings.

What is a Driving Moccasin?

A Driving Moccasin is a slip-on made of softer material like suede, nubuck, or any other type of soft leather. Conceptualized as a house slipper, Moccasins are casual in nature and mostly worn without socks at home or while driving. They are constructed with a soft sole to keep them comfortable to be worn around the house. Modern iterations of moccasins have either a rubber sole or rubber nubs to protect the soft leather on the bottom. They pair well with relaxed, smart bottom wear like denim, chinos, or shirts. We will soon share an extensive guide to Moccasins; stay tuned to know more.

Source: Braun Hamburg

The search for Perfect Driving Shoes

While looking for a pair of suede/faux suede and affordable driving moccasins for men, we stumbled upon this beautiful pair by Symbol (Amazon India’s native apparel brand). We had a specific Moccasin style in mind and wanted it to be as authentic as possible. This means they should legitimately resemble driving moccasins as closely as possible. They should have a slip-on design, soft leather mid sole, and rubber nubs or sole to protect the midsole.

This pair by Symbol has most of these salient features but a fuller and robust rubber sole. While they are faux suede, the material seemed high-quality and durable. They have a lacing system that serves more of an aesthetic purpose than function. The color was rich beige and had complimenting stitching. All in all, it was the exact find, and the price was irresistible. For ₹679, this deal was impossible to miss, so we placed the order without hesitation.

First Impression

The delivery and packaging by Amazon are to swear by. With Prime membership, we received our shoes the next day itself. The unboxing experience was underwhelming, but the footwear turned out to be fantastic. The quality, attention to detail, and structure are impeccable.

The color matched with marketing images and the insole is made of a supple material with really comfortable padding. The fit is as expected, and the best part is the sole, offering good grip and seems durable.

Long term views

After a month of moderate wear, these moccasins are aging well. There is no visible creasing or tear. The shoes are very comfortable and have become a great addition to our shoe closet. They pair well with most casual outfits and are bliss while driving. We never thought a shoe costing a fraction could turn out so well. Full marks to Amazon for designing high-quality footwear at an affordable price.

We love these moccasins, and they can be a good option if you want a comfortable summer shoe. Symbol Driving Moccasins are available in three colors. Available to purchase at a very affordable price of ₹649, you can grab these bad boys from Amazon.

Please let us know how you feel about our pick of the month and if you want us to bring more such products.

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