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Hacks For Looking More Sophisticated


Many male celebrities exude sophistication. A lot of people believe that sophistication is something that you either have or don’t, and it’s not something you can emulate. However, there are many hacks you can bring into your wardrobe that will make you look sophisticated. Sophistication is more than fashion and style, it’s about embodying a chic nature, one that is different in different cultures but appreciated worldwide. However, there are many ways in which you can incorporate this fashion movement into your personal style. Here are some of the top hacks on how you can look more sophisticated, even with your existing wardrobe. 


Don’t Be Afraid of Accessories

Well-placed accessories can make your outfit look much more sartorial. Sunglasses, watches and belts can really elevate your outfit. Paying close attention to matching these accessories to the accents and colours of your clothes can really make you look stylish. These little details really tell the story of your outfit and express your personality. A lot of men shy away from adding accessories to their outfits as they’re worried about looking silly. However, getting the right accents to your wardrobe can be a great way to look more sophisticated.


Maintain Your Clothes


Well-maintained clothes immediately look more stylish and sophisticated than clothes that are worn down or frayed. Taking care of your clothes is a great way to immediately enhance the look of your wardrobe. Learning how to sew buttons back on or fix the hems of your clothes can help you take much better care of your wardrobe. Making sure you’re washing and drying your clothes in the right conditions and temperatures can prevent fading and fraying. Keeping your shoes polished and well-soled will allow you to keep them for longer. 


Think About Colour


Making sure your colour schemes are cohesive is a great way to ramp up the sophistication of your outfits. For example, if you’re a fan of men’s streetwear, making your tracksuit match in terms of colour and design is a great way to look more stylish. If you are more inclined towards formalwear, using a cohesive colour palette to match your overcoat, suit, shoes, and tie is a great way to look more sophisticated. Thinking about colour, which colours go together and which colour palettes suit you is a great way to look more sophisticated. You can take a test online to see which shades and palettes suit your skin tone. 


Know Your Measurements

Paying close attention to the measurements of your body is a great way to understand, which cuts of clothes suit you the best. It is little known that there are men’s body types as well. These types are rectangles, inverted triangles, trapezoids, triangles and ovals. Knowing your body type is paramount to understanding which clothes and what styles suit you the most. It can also help you out when it comes to layering and selecting patterns, as knowing your body type can help you select the optimal designs that will flatter you the most. Knowing your measurements can also allow you to select clothes that fit your body better. Have you ever wondered why celebrities always look stylish even in jeans and a t-shirt? This is because their clothes are tailored to their measurements. Getting clothing that really fits you is a great way to elevate your sophistication. 


Be Authentic!


Following trends and copying exactly what others are wearing won’t make you look more sophisticated. Being authentic and true to your own style and what you want to wear will exude your own natural sophistication. Furthermore, you won’t feel truly confident if you’re following meaningless trends and copying others. By cultivating your own personal style and timeless wardrobe, you will be able to make your wardrobe reflect your authentic self, which is more sophisticated than anything. 

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