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How to Dress Like James Bond


Never say ‘no’ to adventures- Ian Fleming,

At least once in his lifetimes, every man has aspired to live like the most amazing spy in the whole universe, Bond…James Bond. Though fictional, James Bond has been an inspirational figure in our lives. Whether it is his impeccable style, suave demeanour or exceptional intelligence, we all want to imbibe at least some of his qualities to become a better version of ourselves. Transforming ourselves into the world’s most infamous spy may be a lucid dream but Bond’s style is something we can definitely adopt. James Bond despite being an extraordinary human being carries a very sublime yet timeless wardrobe which every man can achieve. Not just the fictional character but the actors who played James Bond on the silver screen have been one of the most stylish men alive. So, can we look as stylish as those epitomes of manliness? To be very honest, yes. While, James Bond’s style may look really exuberant and bold, in reality, it is classic, timeless and sublime. This actually makes sense because Bond is a spy and his clothes should not make him stand out too much. So, there are some fundamental style rules we can learn to develop a definitive and well-rounded wardrobe and dress like James Bond.

Keep it Simple but Significant

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Bond can never be spotted wearing anything outlandish yet you would be easily mesmerised by his sense of style. This is because James has mastered the art of sophistication without standing out too much. His wardrobe consists of elegant outfits in neutral colours and timeless patterns. The key takeaway from this is to focus on our basics without taking too many risks.

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Most articles from Bond’s closet from Suits to Casual wear look top-notch, but are really basic and do not stand out much. You can also incorporate this easy to follow tip while levelling up your style quotient. Cover all your basics like a well-fitted suit, some smart casuals and a few ceremonial wears but keep them in a fairly conservative design and neutral colours.

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Colors like charcoal grey, navy blue and earthy tones of brown and tan are your best bet. In terms of designs do not experiment much with trendy fits or risky patterns.

Nail the Fit

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Regardless of the formality and the structure of the clothing, Bond always excels in the fit of the garment. If it does not fit like a glove, it is not for 007. Oversize suits, baggy t-shirts or drop shoulder jackets may be in trend but can be a deal-breaker for a spy. James Bond has always had to be on his toes and if his clothing restricts his movement, how would he save the day? Apart from function, a form-fitting article of clothing accentuates the well-built English secret agent’s stature making him look leaner, meaner and sharper.

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Though Bond gets his suits custom made from his tailor at Saville row (Watch Dr No for reference), any piece of clothing looks way better if the fit is right. Also, contrary to popular belief great fit does not translate to too tight. It should give you a streamlined look, a slimmer silhouette without making you look like a stuffed sausage.

Au Naturel


There is one thing that Bond would never do, is choose synthetic fabric for his outfit. Natural fabrics are one of the most important aspects of classic menswear. They are functional, flexible and breathable.

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Bond would not like to profusely sweat in tropical weather fighting bad guys, and you would not want to perspire either while on an important meeting or a romantic date. As seen in numerous Bond films, his choice of fabric includes heavy wool, cotton, silk and linen. These fabrics not just give him a dapper look but also drapes amazingly to accentuate his impressive physique too. So, if you want to look fly on the go, choose natural fabric for all your outfits.

Dress With a Purpose: Function first

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This may sound a bit contrary to the personality of Bond but he is always dressed for a purpose. Be it a formal black-tie event or an exotic location near the beach, James Bond can never be spotted underdressed. From the very beginning of the cinematic saga, the actors that played Bond left their mark in whatever place they are. While their charismatic persona is definitely a reason, their iconic outfits played an important role too.

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Bond’s suits gather all the attention but his sharp casual wear, cool vacation wear and even fun swimwear are commendable.

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Sean Connery’s iconic onesie in Goldfinger, Pierce Brosnan’s Cuban shirts in Die another day, Daniel Craig’s polo and khakis in Casino Royale, there are many such exemplary ensembles that made the secret agent unforgettable. If you want to get inspired by Bond and a suit is too much, these casual outfits can be the best addition in your style arsenal.

The Devil is in the Details

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The world’s most dynamic spy never fails to leave his mark and so do his clothes. James Bond’s attires have small intricate details, which makes them unique without being too eccentric.

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Some of these small details are turn-back cuffs on his shirts or the gauntlet cuff on his suits, the three-button jacket instead of the traditional two-button, etc. All these small features are quintessentially English emphasising the origin of Bond and his style. You can also opt for some features that are traditional to your culture and subtly blend them with contemporary styles. These details will make each of your outfits distinctive yet understated.

The Luxe Tux

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If there is one thing that is synonymous with James Bond’s style, it is the Tuxedo. A luxurious, perfectly fitting Black tie ensemble is indispensable to Bond. In fact, most people picture a handsome gentleman in a tuxedo whenever they think of James Bond.

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We advocate investing in a Tuxedo as your very first ceremonial wear but here it is more about developing a uniform. One outfit that defines your personality. It can be as casual as a white shirt, blue jeans and leather boots or as intricate as a creative black tie. This not just elevates your style but also saves you from decision fatigue. If you have one outfit that you know will create an everlasting impact, you can focus on improving other important things.

Source: British GQ

Developing your personal style can be a complex issue. Iconic fiction figures like James Bond can provide you with that starting point, which can help you evolve a simple yet remarkable wardrobe.

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