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Classic Monsoon Essentials for Men: Must Haves for Rains


“Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.”Roger Miller

After the scorching heat of brutal summers, monsoon is one of the seasons awaited desperately. Romantic songs, hot snacks, and calming drizzles are reminiscent of monsoons. Rainy weather is the only saving grace for the areas that experience less or moderate winters. It is a period of transition from warm to cooler months of the year that requires many shifts to adapt to this new climate. While you make small changes to your lifestyle and routines, monsoons also call for a wardrobe update. Like every other season, there are some wardrobe and EDC (Every Day Carry) monsoon essentials that every man should invest in. Whether you experience moderate or heavy rainfall, these essentials will keep you covered in most situations. 


An umbrella is more than just a protective object to prevent you from getting wet. Choosing a classic and quality umbrella can serve you as a timeless and eye-grabbing style accessory. In the old days, an umbrella was an inevitable part of every man’s everyday carry. An umbrella saves your expensive clothes from getting wet; it keeps your shoes relatively clean. An umbrella can also be a conversation starter and you can also offer your female companion its shade to create a romantic moment. Your best bet would be to choose an umbrella in any solid color and preferably no pattern. You can find wide this monsoon essential at various price points in your local market or on Amazon. 

Trench Coat/Raincoat 

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Investing in a suave trench coat could be smart if you stay in areas that experience heavy and prolonged rainfalls. While a raincoat may seem more functional, a splash-proof trench coat can be a stylish statement piece. While trench coats are rare in the local markets across India, you can easily find one online. Many stylish trench coat options are available in the online market. Before you head out to Burberry and empty your bank account, we advise you to look for affordable options and gradually move towards classics. In terms of colors, you can never go wrong with beige, navy, or black. 

Water Repellent Bag

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One more damp weather/monsoon essential is a water repellent bag. We carry valuable gadgets and other important things daily. A reliable and spacious bag is essential for every weather to keep these valuables safe and pristine. A high-quality water-repellent bag can save you from moderate splashes and heavy rainfalls. Depending on your need, you can easily find a well-made waterproof bag at almost every price point. You can get a spacious backpack if you carry your laptop around town or choose stylish options like a briefcase or tote. 



A rugged pair of boots is one of the manliest footwear men must own. We all own at least one pair of boots, and if you are one of the few who still have not bought them, monsoon is a great time to get a pair. Get some quality, classic work boots and wear them throughout the monsoon. Do not worry about getting them muddy or wet, as they would age more beautifully when exposed to these obstructions. You can also buy water-resistant boots or leather boots, which are weatherproof. Avoid dressy boots like Chelseas or super casual gum boots; the key is to stay in the middle of the formality spectrum. Go for chunky sole work boots or combat boots to fight potholes and stay stylish. 


Water Proof Wrist Watch

Every stylish man’s arsenal has a watch for every occasion. A wristwatch is an indispensable part of a man’s life. It is not just a device to tell time but an extension of your personality. A great watch is a conversation starter, a prized possession, a heritage piece, and so much more. Whether a smartwatch or a classic analog piece, a waterproof wristwatch is a must-have when the weather is damp. Waterproof watches are usually inexpensive and can stand the test of time. So get one depending on your budget and liking to stay ahead of time in the Monsoon. 

These are some must-haves to keep you stylish all monsoon long. All these monsoon essentials come at different prices, and you do not have to spend a fortune to afford them. Please let us know if there are any other monsoon essentials that you swear by. Also, please let us know how you like our work. We would be honored to know. 






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