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5 Badass Watches under Rs 1000


Howdy fellas!

I am amazed to see the response you guys gave me for my last article 4 kickass looks for the first day of college. Here I am back again and this time with super solid information and some shopping delights.

So, few days back I was travelling to my work through metro, minding my own business, busy in my phone (which is bad manners though) and listening to amazing music. Suddenly an amazing looking girl came and stood near me; I looked at her and again got busy in my phone.  The second time we had an eye contact she complimented my watch.

Enough of the boring back story, let’s come straight to the point. An amazing watch is not just a time keeper; it reflects your individual taste and style.  A simple but kickass watch is a must have for every man. It is your ultimate go to accessory and it is a sure shot conversation starter. But, there is a common misconception amongst people that only expensive, a good looking and classy watch doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive.  However, I would suggest you to invest in a good timepiece just once in a lifetime, but until you save some huge bucks for it here are:-

5 Badass watches under RS 1000

1. Casio youth digital-F91W-1DG

Casio Watch
Casio Youth F91-W1-1Dg | Rs: 695

Casio is a cult brand when it comes to watches, it is reliable and classy. This particular piece is simple understated and it gives a retro vibe so if you are a minimalist this is indeed a must have. And, for 700 bucks it is a steal deal.

2. Timex TW002E101

Timex Watches
Timex TW002E101 | Rs: 694

Elegant watches are expensive! Whosoever said this, didn’t know about this watch. This Timex TW002E101 is elegant, classy and stylish. You can wear it in your office or it will even complement you super savage suit. This watch is made to last and you should definitely add this to your watch inventory.


3. Casio A15 A158WA-1DF (D011)

Casio Watches
Casio A158WA-1DF (D011) | Rs 995

Well, this is kinda dressier version of the first watch. Some of you gentlemen may not like watches with rubber strap so to solve this issue, this amazing watch from Casio comes with the same simplicity but with a metal bracelet. It looks really masculine and it goes really well with the bad boy image. For Rs 995, this beauty is a deal breaker.

Timex OMG TWEG15404

Timex OMG TWEG15404| Rs: 1,061

What If, I told you that you can enjoy several watches at cost of 1? Shut up! I am not drunk. I am talking about the next watch Timex OMG. With the freedom of changing straps and the goodness of Timex, this sweet thing is a eye-grabber. Its clean, vibrant and lively. The colorful nylon strap give it a youthful, contemporary and playful look. Not only you can wear it with your super casual outfits but also, it can dress down your lifeless office clothes. With a lil’ additional cost you can buy more straps and enjoy many watches at the cost of 1. And the females will go OMG(sorry for the exaggeration)

Fastrack 3114PP01

Fastrack 3114PP01 | Rs: 945

If you like young, quirky and interesting stuff, Titan’s Fastrack, is the thing for you. Fastrack has some amazing watches, bags and sunglasses. This particular watch is my go to when it comes to shopping for an edgy yet classy time keeper. It has a military inspired design and cutting edge technology and for 945 buck you cant ask for more.

So, these are my picks on some of the most amazing and inexpensive watches. If you wish to buy any of them just click on the image.

So dudes its time to update your watch arsenal . Tada !!!

  1. Monika says

    Awesome Kavesh! Finding a nice yet inexpensive gift is always a time consuming task, so thanks for saving my time. 😀
    Keep it up! 🙂

    1. Kavesh Khanna says

      Thank you, stay tuned for more awesome info 🙂

  2. ishi says

    Very useful information
    You know how much I go gaga over a great watch.

    It can really be a conversation starter. Women like me often notice it much before they notice the man.
    I bet your article will inspire a lot of youngsters.

    Keep writing and keep motivating.

  3. Rahul says

    I wish, somebody notices me for my Fossil 😀
    btw, the Timex watches that you’ve mentioned looks great, thinking of buying one.

    1. Kavesh Khanna says

      Indeed bro you will be noticed soon do send us the pictures we will feature them 🙂

  4. Nakul Devgun says

    I’ve forwarded the link to this particular article to my girl, demanding a gift from anyone of there baddies( for my birthday)
    AWESOME WORK BRO. And thanx for the info.

  5. Ramesh Singh says

    Great going Kavesh 🙂 waiting for more to come such helpful post. Keep posting!

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