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How to Appear Confident Instantly


Almost 80% of our entire communication is non-verbal and most part of this non-verbal communication is based on body language. Once you master your body language, you can use it to your advantage and send out the message that you intend to. They can be easily incorporated in your personality without doing much effort

Here are 5 manly body language hacks that you can learn and master to appear confident. These are basic body language tips that you can develop just by practicing them on a daily basis.

1. Stand Up Straight

Slouching has become a problem of this generation. We are mostly stuck to our smartphones and computers at is causes our shoulders to slouch forward. Fixing your shoulders by pushing them back and pushing your chest out a little bit, not only do you look taller but also makes you appear confident.

2. Stay Open

Open body language is welcoming, less intimidating and confident. Practice expanding and not closing or constricting yourself. A closed body language or posture sends off a signal that you are insecure and bet you don’t want to come off as a confident guy. So, open your arms and spread out a little bit.

3. Eye Contact

Maintaining friendly and strong eye contact is a sign of confidence. If you struggle to maintain eye contact with people while conversing with them, you can take your confidence game from a 2 to 11 just like that.

4. Never cross your arms

Crossed arms are a sign of under-confidence and insecurity. Let those arms hang by your side or better yet, use them to gesture as you talk. Crossed arms also look very unwelcoming and it feels like you’re not paying attention to what is being said. It can be offensive if you’re in a client meeting or interview

5. Move Slow and Purposefully

Become slower guys. Become self-aware and aware of your actions and movements. You don’t react to the environment, the environment reacts to you. A slow and composed body language makes you appear confident and attractive.

Here is the full video with instructions

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