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Why Every Man Should Go to Picnics


“Unless you’re on picnic, life’s no picnic-Jane Wagner” 

Smell of freshly cut grass, golden sunshine and finger-licking food. These are some terms that resonate with a long-lost fun activity; A Picnic. In today’s fast paced life, we’re all running somewhere to win some sort of race. We work day in and out to achieve something in life. All this hustle can leave us burnt out and exhausted. One should have some sort of escape route for fun. Now before you talk about night clubs or binger-watching popular TV shows, I would like to remind you of one activity that every adult man used to love in his childhood, going out on a picnic.  

Picnic can be defined as a meal taken outdoors on a scenic location such as park, lakeside or a garden. In reality, a picnic is way more than a meal outdoors. It is one of the most important and once very popular recreational activity. Spending time with your close ones, cracking jokes, humming songs all these make up for great picnic activity. I am sure most of you have experienced some sort of picnic in your childhood, but when was the last time you went on a picnic after growing up?  

Well, to be honest it’s not completely our fault that picnic is becoming a forbidden act of recreation. Before smartphones and other digital screens became our sole idea of fun, many great men used to enjoy their day offs in a park close to nature, surrounded by their loved ones. In recent times the idea of having fun only revolves around boozing or dancing in a club. We don’t disrespect any of these events but sometimes you should go in the nature and enjoy being out and about.  

Let’s look at a few reasons of why every grown-up man should go for picnic.  

It brings you closer to nature 

Mankind and nature co-exist for a reason. We cannot live a healthy, happy and fulfilled life without experiencing the awe-inspiring wonders of nature around us. Listening to chirping of birds, watching the kids play and just relaxing can make your weekend full of life. Our work hours are becoming tedious day by day. Going on picnics can relax your senses and bring you closer to the nature.  

You become decisive  

Surely, a picnic is a recreational activity but it comes with a lot of responsibilities. For instance, you have to choose a place, when to go what to eat, so on and so forth. A man is attractive when he is decisive and if you are having hard time making vital decisions in life, a picnic can be your first step towards being a decisive man.  

You get closer to your loved ones  

In today’s busy world, we hardly have time for ourselves. We neglect our near and dear ones due to our long working hours and high aspirations. Small gestures like a picnic or a day out can be a great way to spend time with those who are most important to us. Eating together and having some outdoor fun fill us with joy and refreshment.  

Makes you mindful 

Picnic with pets

Picnic or any outdoor activity is not just physically but mentally calming. Watching scenic beauty and spending time on the real joys of life releases stress and makes you happy. You get an escape from your mundane and tiresome routine and work.  

Gentleman! To live a healthy, happy and purposeful life you need to unwind from time to time. A picnic may sound old school but it should be something every man must do on a regular basis.  

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