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Underrated Color Combination in Menswear

Unorthodox color combinations to expand your wardrobe.


Over the years, menswear has continued to evolve. Rules were made and broken, and new trends continue replacing older ones. With the internet connecting people across the globe, men worldwide started experimenting and adopting style inspiration from different corners of the world. However, not many men have taken the bold step of breaking out of specific style ‘norms’. One of those norms is religiously adhering to ‘defined’ color combinations for men and not breaking out of the pattern.

This article is meant to encourage men to explore ways to incorporate underrated colours into their wardrobes and break out of monotony. Your wardrobe is an extension of yourself, and thereby making even the most minor changes to your outfits might seem daunting. Therefore, it is encouraged that you start slow and subtle. To help you make this transition, here are certain colour combinations that you can begin adding to your wardrobe and create your Spezzato cum Sprezzatura journey.

Burgundy and Black

When I think of burgundy, my mind visualises royalty, richness, and refinement. Burgundy is such a fantastic colour and, if paired correctly, is certain to exude dapper vibes. Usually, burgundy is paired with navy, and undoubtedly, the combination looks spectacular. However, the combination of burgundy and black is outstanding as well. An example of such an outfit could be a burgundy turtleneck and black jeans. Similarly, a burgundy shirt will also go well with black slacks.

Pink and Grey

If a man is able to wear and carry pink with style, you can bet your fortune that he knows what he is doing. However, like combining burgundy and navy, most men prefer pairing pink with navy, blue, or black. Not many men think about the stunning combination that pink and grey create when paired together. This combination has a certain charm, which is hard to describe in words. But, if I had to try, I’d say it screams ‘Refined Man!’

Brown and Black

Now, this may seem like a territory best left uncharted. But, hear me out! Black and brown don’t have to be paired with a darker shade of brown. Brown is its own specimen. Finding the right shade of brown and pairing it with black will elevate your style game by multiple notches, and since your know what you’re doing, you will feel like the best man in the room wearing a combination that most men dread approaching.

Navy and Black

I know what you’re thinking. Navy and black are poles apart when it comes to building outfits. But, what you don’t know is that pairing these two colours is more than just the colour combinations for men- it’s intentionality! You can pair navy slacks or jeans with a shiny leather jacket. A well-tailored sports coat and slacks can be paired excellently to show off the “I know what I am doing” demeanour. While it’s true that navy and black are a little difficult to pull off, with the right pair of accessories and tailoring, you can indeed become a style icon among your friends and coworkers.

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