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Men’s Body Hair Removal: Stone age to 2022


“Simplicity, good taste, and grooming are the three fundamentals of good dressing and these do not cost money.”- Christian Dior

No matter how inconsequential they may seem but our body hair sends out a very strong message. Men who regularly groom their body hair are often taken seriously and are more confident about their appearance. Hair removal is usually associated with femininity but contrary to common belief, men have always been well aware of grooming and maintaining their body hair. While body hair removal and grooming should be an integral part of our grooming regime, the hassles that it brings outnumber the benefits. This is where our good friends at UrbanGabru save the day. Their latest hair removal spray cream is a revolution in the men’s grooming world but before we tell you about the sensational product let’s revisit the rich and marvelous history of grooming.

Why and when Hair Removal for Men started?

Shaving, waxing or using other methods to remove/groom the body hair may seem like a new fashion, but it dates back all the way to the 5th century BC. The traces of shaving body hair can be found in Ancient Egypt where men shaved their bodies regularly for spiritual customs. The Greeks used to flaunt a hairless athletic physique which was in contrast with the belief that body hair was a sign of manliness, potency and vigor.

Hair removal spray cream for men
Ancient Scriptures show hairless man

Even in the ancient scriptures, hairless bodies were symbolic representations of charm and confidence. Ancient Roman Emperors sported a clean-shaven look and the teens were encouraged to shave their pubic hair consistently as excessive hairiness was linked to poor hygiene and barbarism.

From Stones to Hair Removal Sprays

Humans have been conscious of their appearances from the beginning of time. They have continued to use various tools like sharpened stones, metal tweezers and seashells to effectively reduce or remove their body hair. In many cultures, beeswax and various oils were used for hair removal. Even in the eastern part of the world, cotton thread was used to eradicate and tidy up unwanted hair. With the evolution of mankind and technological advancements, hair-removal methods have evolved dramatically.

hair removal spray cream for men
Ancient tools for hair removal

The first prototype of the modern-day razor was developed in the late 18th -early 19th century. The very first functional razor was made by a French barber Jean Jacques Perret in the year 1769. It was basically a wooden handle enclosing a sharp blade to avoid injuries. Razors were then considered the safest and most effective tools for hair removal.

Early prototypes of safety razor Image courtesy: Relic record

By the mid-19th century, hair removal became popular and many new products for safe and effective hair removal were formulated. One of these products was hair-removal creams, they gained instant popularity due to their easy application method and great results. However, men were not as receptive to these creams as women. With the rise of technology, electric razors, and shavers seemed more approachable to men since they saved time and were often safer than traditional razors which are prone to cuts and injuries.

Benefits of Body Hair Removal

There are countless benefits of removing and grooming body hair. Less body hair keeps you cooler in the hot scorching summer, also keeping the body odour at bay. You look much cleaner and well-put-together, this gives you the confidence to wear whatever you want without those bushes peaking out.

hair removal spray cream for men
Less hair less body odour

Hair removal also helps in less perspiration as your pores are able to breathe more easily. Many athletes remove their body hair to increase their performance and speed which may sound negligible but can make a whole lot of difference between winning a gold and silver. Removing armpit hair can help reduce bacteria build-up which can boost your immunity. Maintaining pubic hair needs no explanation as it is essential for intimate hygiene.

UrbanGabru- Revolutionising Body Hair Removal

Do you still use your age-old landline telephones to make calls? Or are you still watching your favorite TV series on a black and white television set? Of course not, then your hair removal tools should not be primal. We have teamed up with amazing folks at UrbanGabru to bring you the latest and most effective hair-removal option available in the market. Their latest hair removal spray cream is super simple to use and the results are phenomenal. Just spray on your unwanted hair, wait for 5-10 minutes and tada! Manscaping done in seconds. It eliminates the hair gently while also de-tanning your skin, it’s like eating a cake and getting a reward for it. Spray, wait and wipe. In three simple steps, you can reap the benefits of clean and smooth skin without worrying about nicks, cuts, and harsh chemicals.

Hair removal spray cream for men
UrbanGabru hair removal spray cream for men

Unlike other hair removal creams for men available in the market, UrbanGabru hair removal spray cream is enriched with natural ingredients like aloe vera and lemon extracts, which are tender on the skin. The hair removal spray cream is suitable for all skin types: be it oily, dry, sensitive or a combination of those, the results are always flawless. Most hair removal techniques involve some sort of pain or irritation but UrbanGabru has formulated a skin-friendly and gentle blend that is hundred percent painless and require no pulling or tugging. Not just skin-friendly UrbanGabru hair removal spray cream is lighter on the pocket too, it’s economical and provides many applications in one spray bottle alone.

hair removal spray cream for men
No pain and easy to use

Men’s grooming universe is evolving rapidly and UrbanGabru hair removal spray cream is definitely a paradigm shift from the conventional methods, which are complicated, painful and less effective. If you want to become a well put together and well-rounded gentleman, this hair removal spray cream is an essential element in your grooming arsenal.

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