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10 Grooming Hacks To Become More Attractive


“Every man must have a magnifying mirror. If you look good magnified you are set to go- Tom Ford”

In today’s fast paced world, most of us are either too busy too have a well-rounded grooming routine or we simply do not care. Although, we do not advocate short-cuts but some grooming routines are so strenuous that they stop you from discovering your true potential. For the same reason we have once again partnered up with our good friends at UrbanGabru. Their latest hair removal spray cream is a blissful offering to keep you ahead in your grooming game. With that we have curated some easy grooming hacks, which can help  every man stay well-groomed even when they are running short of time. These grooming hacks are tried and tested for the times when you do not want to put so much efforts in looking good.

1. Shave your neck

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We must keep our hair groomed and well-maintained as they send out a very strong signal about your personality. It’s the very first thing most people notice about you. While a good hair cut is absolutely necessary for every well-groomed man, if you are running short of time we have a very effective hack for you. You should always keep the back of your neck clean and you hair style will stay neat and presentable. It’s an inexpensive way to push your next barber visit for a few days. The best part about this hack is that with little practice you can do this by yourself at home.

2. Use hair products on beard

Growing a luscious long beard is every man’s dream. However, it comes with a price. A long beard if left unmaintained can leave you looking homeless. You need specialized products to maintain and groom that hard-earned beard but in case your beard products run out, using your hair styling products at a pinch can save the day. Remember this is just a hack and not a practice. Every product is formulated keeping its application in mind so use your hair pomade, clay, or any styling product on your beard when absolutely necessary.

3. Hair removal sprays are your best friends

Instant and hair removal do not go in the same sentence but that’s a thing of the past. Many hair removal techniques include complicated processes and painful applications. UrbanGabru, men’s leading grooming brand is once again set to change the face of men’s grooming in India with their latest hair removal spray cream. It’s a hassle-free and safe way to remove unwanted body hair.

It is much better and ten times more effective than other hair removal creams in the market and if you are wondering how to use it? Simple, just spray, wait and wash and get smooth and presentable instantly.

Some of you may ask, is it safe to use? The hair removal spray cream is made of natural ingredients like aloe vera and lemon so it does not have any side effects. On the contrary, it has de-tan properties which are beneficial for your skin. You can even use it in your intimate area when in hurry. hair removal spray cream is definitely one hack that saves you time, effort and is a completely painless technique to get rid of unwanted hair from the roots.

4. Conditioner to shave when running out of shaving cream

Wet shaving is an art and we are huge promoters of having a well-thought-out wet shaving regime. But there are times we run out of shaving supplies and find ourselves in a fix. These times call for immediate actions and using conditioner instead of your regular shaving cream is definitely one grooming hack you can rely on. It is not going to be as luxurious and pleasant as using regular shaving cream or shaving soap but it gets the job done.

5. Use deodorant on your sweaty feet

We all use some type of deodorant daily but hardly consider it using somewhere other than our armpits. It’s a good idea to consider deodorant for your feet. It is bliss for your smelly, sweaty feet. A deodorant is known to eliminate odor from your body and your feet can benefit from it too. A good antiperspirant not only prevents odor from your sweaty feet it can also help reduce blisters caused by tight shoes. It forms a small film on your feet reducing the friction between your feet and the tight shoes.

6. Hand or body lotion to control fizzy hair

We just discussed using conditioner to shave your face and now it’s payback time. Sometimes, and especially when we have an important event or meeting to attend, our hair just refuse to cooperate. If you are someone who is dealing with frizzy hair on a regular basis, do consider using some sort of prouduct to condition your hair but for a quick and easy fix, you can use a very small amount of body lotion or hand lotion. This application will help your hair stay in control until you can find a permanent solution to control frizz. Avoid this hack if your hair is oily, as this would worsen the condition.

7. Stray thread of your handkerchief as dental floss

You must have seen someone with food particles stuck in their teeth and when they talk to you that is the only thing you can notice. This can happen to you as well, there are some food which are notorious in getting stuck between teeth. Though most places have a toothpick but in case you cannot find that, you can use the stray thread of your handkerchief to get rid of the food particle stuck in your teeth.

8. Lip balm an instant aftershave for nicks and cuts


Nicks and cuts are very common when you are shaving in hurry. One careless stroke of your sharp razor can result in many small nicks and cuts and there are specialty products to prevent or cure them. But if you do not have anything handy, a chapstick or lip balm can help reduce the bleeding and appearance of cuts and nicks caused by your razor.

9. Vaseline to avoid chafing and rashes

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On hot and humid days our intimate area is prone to chafing and rashes. This could be caused due to wearing tight underwear or friction between thighs. In severe cases, these rashes can even make walking uncomfortable. Many people suggest using powder to keep your crotch dry but in we have found vaseline to work better in this situation. Petroleum jelly reduces the friction on the skin and also keeps your skin moisturized.

10. Shampoo a day in advance of your event

If you have an event to attend, you are most likely to wash your hair on the same day. This could be a good practice in general but freshly washed hair is comparatively difficult to style. Instead, wash your hair a day prior to the event date. This will help control frizz from your hair and you would not have to use tonnes of hair products to achieve your desired look. This hack is useful to most people but in case you have an excessively oily scalp you can use baby powder instead of washing them.

Less time, finished product, or traveling with minimal things. None of these should be an excuse to be shabby or unkempt. These grooming hacks for men will not only save you a lot of time and effort but they are proven to keep you well put together and impressive. Do not miss UrbanGabru’s latest hair removal cream spray as it is the best solution on the market to keep unwanted body hair at bay.

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