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Testosterone Levels Myths and Facts


Testosterone! The hormone that turns boys into men and men into rascals. Everyone has different perceptions about testosterone levels and there is always an ongoing debate about the myths and facts about it. Maintaining healthy testosterone is essential and there are many ways that you can use to improve your T levels. Some methods include working out, eating a balanced diet, consuming vitamins and minerals and etc. The internet already has a lot of information when it comes to testosterone. However, in this article, I will be talking about 5 interesting myths and facts about testosterone.


Higher Testosterone Levels Equal Ravaging Sex Drive

High testosterone levels don’t necessarily mean an increased libido. This is one of the biggest misconceptions that most men have been believing and living by. The media has spoiled everything by promoting testosterone boosting bullshit as sex drive booster. Don’t fall victim to that shit! If you already have a decent sex drive and libido, increasing testosterone will not make your sex drive go out of control. However, having low testosterone levels can spoil mood in the bedroom. After all, testosterone is a male reproductive and sex hormone and it should perform well for you to perform well. Low T-levels can indeed cause a variety of issues but fortunately, they can be medically treated.

Cholesterol Can Lower Testosterone Levels

When people hear the term cholesterol, they already associate it with something bad for their bodies. This is especially true for gym dudes who are eating a clean diet. In fact, cholesterol can improve your testosterone levels. Cholesterol is present in most of our cells. Cholesterol is also a precursor of different hormones including testosterone. The Leydig Cells present in your testicles convert cholesterol to testosterone. If you aren’t surprised by this information, here is another one. If you aren’t getting cholesterol from your diet already, your liver will do the job of synthesizing it.

Cold Showers Hamper Testosterone Levels

Cold showers have proven to have so many health benefits such as boosting your energy levels and making you feel manlier throughout the day. However, did you know that cold showers can also boost your testosterone levels? I bet ya didn’t. In order to understand this fact, you must first understand the function of the scrotum. The scrotum’s job is to keep your balls cool and that is why they loosen up during warm weather. Human testicles function best when they are between 31-36 degree C. If the temperature goes higher, it negatively impacts the production of sperm. Here is a study to support that claim.

Underwear’s Got Nothing to do With Your Testosterone Levels

Gentlemen, let’s get this straight. When you wear anything that is tighter than normal, you are essentially constricting the circulation of blood and hormones. You want a smooth and easy flow of your man hormones down there. Moreover, wearing tight underwear forces your balls to constrict themselves into a small space and this causes them to heat up. This again is directly linked to point 3 mentioned earlier.

Masturbation Causes Drop in Your Testosterone Levels

I know, the one that you have been waiting for. I’ve got a happy news! Masturbation does not lower your testosterone levels. However, just like everything, overdoing anything can cause more harm than good. Excessive masturbation will negatively impact your body and disrupt the way it utilizes testosterone.
What about abstaining from masturbation? If you are on a hiatus or abstaining from masturbation, it can lower your testosterone levels when done for a long time.
I hope you enjoyed reading this article and learned something new about testosterone. Educate your friends by sharing this article with them as well. Subscribe to us and become a member of our newsletter squad. Until next time, Stay Manly!

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