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Why Should You Read a Newspaper Every Morning? 


Gentlemen! About a decade ago it, no morning was complete without a hot cup of tea & a newspaper. Reading newspaper was a daily ritual for most men across the world. After all there is no better way to start your morning with the latest buzz in the world. Even when we were in school there was a special emphasis on reading newspaper. Sometimes the teacher would even ask us a new word we learnt from the newspapers.  

As the time passed newspapers are slowly becoming a thing of past. People are now dependent on their smartphone apps for almost every day to day activity. There are many news apps that are replacing the traditional newspaper. However, a handheld newspaper dropped every morning to your doorsteps holds the same value it had a decade ago.   

Have you ever wondered, why is it such a big deal to read newspaper?  

Aren’t we all connected to the world through internet and getting updates every minute? Well, you’re right but that isn’t enough. Reading a newspaper is way beyond news. It is a ritual every man must follow. Here are some reasons why should you read a Newspaper every morning.  

Helps you wake up early 

Reading Newspaper Make you rise early
Early to Rise

Do you wake up late and then have a hard time to reach at your workplace on time? Or you struggle to manage your time throughout the day. Grab a newspaper. If you have subscribed to a newspaper you would be familiar with the early morning knock on your door. Well, now make that a motivation to wake up and pick that bundle of knowledge. If you develop the habit of reading a newspaper in the morning, you will simultaneously develop a hobby of waking up early. Icing on the cake, isn’t it?  

To develop a habit of reading 

Reading newspaper develops reading habit
Read like a man

It is said that poor people watch TV, while rich people read. Reading is one habit that would take you places. A well-read gentleman is usually confident, well-spoken and well-behaved. So, developing a habit of reading is essential. It helps you have a well-rounded personality and you instantly become more respected and likable.  

Small talk ready 

Reading newpaper is small talk ammo
Talk like a Gentleman

Imagine you have to go for a networking event, interview or any social gathering. How would you make more connection? By talking to them and would you straight come to the point? Obviously not some small talk is definitely required. Reading a newspaper in the morning keeps you updated with the recent ongoing in the world. This leaves you prepared for any small talk. For example, you can keep a conversation going by including the current affairs in your conversation. Just avoid heavy opinionated topics like politics, religion, etc.  

Reading Newspaper Develops logical thinking 

Reading Newspaper develops logical thinking
Think Rationally

A newspaper is usually an unbiased source of information (exceptions are always there). So, reading one can help you develop logical and rational thinking. If you know more issues, you think about more issues. This brain churning can be very helpful in the future. To tackle real life issues, you need to take a logical approach and newspaper reading is definitely helpful in cultivating that.  


Okay, so here are a few reasons why every Man should read a newspaper, every morning. I can go on and on about various other reasons but I think these are enough to keep you motivated. If you haven’t please go and subscribe to a newspaper and get ready to have a better outlook towards life.  

That’s all for now, will see you in the next article 




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