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5 Overrated Muscle Building Supplements You Should Avoid


The key to an aesthetically pleasing physique is consistent training, nutritious diet and some proven supplements that give you a minor edge over others. If your training and diet are not on point, no matter what supplements you take, you won’t be reaching your physique goals. As a fitness enthusiast, you might already know that supplements help you grow but you probably might not know that some overrated supplements are just a waste of your hard earned money. In this article, I will be talking about 5 overrated supplements that you should know about and steer clear off.

BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acid)

I know most of you are already grudging against me but hear me out guys, I have an explanation. A solid one! If you are already consuming high-quality protein from your diet and your whey protein shakes, you are already getting enough BCAAs from them. Studies have shown that BCAA, even though they help decrease muscle protein breakdown but they don’t necessarily increase protein synthesis.

If you think you need some BCAAs to prevent muscle protein loss, you can simply have a scoop of whey protein after your workout. However, if you are cutting and performing intense cardio on a regular basis which again is not recommended, you can consume BCAAs to prevent muscle loss.


CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)

CLA or Conjugated Linoleic Acid is often advertised as fat loss booster. There is so much wrong information spread across the internet that supports CLA and its mythical ability to support fat loss. Let me tell you something, CLA was only experimented on rats and not on humans.

The overrated supplement showed a massive fat loss in rodents and the product was marketed with the same claim. But, there is an inconsistency when it comes to CLA fat loss researches on humans. On top of it all, CLA has also been observed to adversely affect glucose metabolism, insulin sensitivity, inflammation, and blood lipids. Do you still want to use it?


Yet another popularly advertised supplement for bodybuilding is Glutamine. People believe that consuming glutamine helps with recovery and muscle gain. While the first part of the sentence is true, the second part is not. Glutamine is usually administered to patients who are very sick and have very low levels of muscle glutamine.

Administering glutamine to these patients helps improve muscle protein balance. Our case can never be as severe as patients suffering from burns, sepsis, or other muscle loss inducing diseases. Even when glutamine leaves your muscles in large quantities when you work out, the amount is not that much large to cause muscle loss or muscle protein imbalances. Proper diet and rest are enough to replenish muscle glutamine levels. If you think, consuming glutamine is going to give you some serious gains, think again.

Testosterone Boosters

No wonder, you must have already seen the best testosterone boosting formulae advertised on the internet promising an imminent rise in your T-levels. If you think consuming testosterone boosting supplements will help increase your testosterone levels, also be prepared for some major negative effects.

To be very precise, testosterone boosters do not work and they are just another form of Viagra which increases your libido. When men experience higher sex drive, they fool themselves thinking that their testosterone levels have increased or is increasing. The right way to increase your testosterone levels is by consuming healthy fats, performing resistance training and getting enough sleep. Period. Don’t fall victim to some T boosting bullshit out there.

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Weight Gainers

Weight gainers! Lord, I can curse them for an entire day. Weight gainers are nothing but extra calories and that too without a balanced proportion of nutrients.

If you have a skinny frame and want to add on some mass to your body, weight gainer may help you look big but you will be going to bed every night crying over all the fats you have gained. Weight gainers won’t give you muscle but they will surely give you fats and lots of it. If you want to build some muscle, head to the gym on a regular basis, bust your ass out in your training, consume the required amount of protein, carbs, and fats and get quality sleep. Stay away from shitty weight gainers! It’s for pussies not for men.

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Until next time, stay high value, stay high status and stay manly!

  1. Shaping Better says

    Thank you very much for sharing this great information about these supplements. I was recently told by my trainer to start using bcaa and glutamine for their extensive benefits. This article helped me know the reality. Thank you for this.

    1. Kavesh Khanna says

      You’re most welcome, we are glad that you found the information helpful. 🙂

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