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Best Oil Free Face Wash for Men in Indian Market



A lot of people think that skincare is only for women but this is one regime, everyone should follow. We men think that we have a tough skin and don’t need to take care of it. On the contrary, we should pay special attention and have a set routine. It is actually a very important part of your day. There are times when you are exposed to harsh weather and pollution that can damage your skin. Resulting in uneven skin tone, blemishes and black heads. If you’re prone to acne proper skin-care is critical. The very first step in starting a skin-care regime is using a Face wash. 

It is the simplest step to start your day. But all face washes were not created equal. In fact, now we have a face-wash for every skin type. Weather your skin is oily, dry, sensitive or combination, you can easily find one to suit your need. Let’s talk about the most common and problematic skin type I.e. Oily. If you have an oily skin, you can understand the pain I go through on a daily basis. I start glistening from mid-day and continue looking like a French fry the whole day. So, I expect a Face wash to keep me oil-free all day long. I decided to test a few of Oil-free face wash from the market and I picked these popular-picks, let’s see how they performed.  

 Himalaya Intense-oil clear 

Himalayan Men's Oil Free Facewash

 Apart from the name there is nothing intense about this face wash. Which is not particularly bad. It is gentle on the face, keeps the oil away for a long period of time. Smells amazing (it’s my fav) and doesn’t dry your skin. A lot of oil-free face washes make your skin dry and washes off all the essential oils too. This is not good for your skin because there is not even the essential moisture left that is needed for your face. This is one of my favorite skin-care brand. Its ingredients are fairly natural and soft on skin. I would give this Face wash the following score 

The cost is 118 Rs for 100 ml

Wash ability: 3/5 (I could rinse in one go) 

Fragrance: 4/5 (Ahmazing…..) 

Skin feel: 3.5/5 (soft and supple) 

Value for money: 5/5 (Himalaya Men have never looted me) 


Garnier Men Oil Clear Matcha D-tox  

Garnier Men Matcha D-tox

Wooh….That name is quite a mouthful. This Face wash, well! It does something. Oh yeah! It has fragrance and it lathers ? I think the review should finish right here. Kidding! But seriously this product fails to do any damn thing. It washes your face like any other face wash or Soap, it’s gentle on skin though. It doesn’t keep your skin oil free even for an hour (it’s an understatement my skin was full of oil within half an hour). If you want to waste your money please go ahead and buy this because “John Abraham” recommended it. Pssst, I don’t care about the ingredient because it’s crap.  

Scores, in case you want 

The cost is Rs 181 for 100 ml

Wash ability: 1/5 (Leaves oily residue) 

Fragrance: 2/5 (It smells something) 

Skin feel: 1.5/5 (Use Ghee instead) 

Value for money: 0.5/5 (hahahahaha are you kidding me?)   

Nivea Men oil Control Face wash 

Nivea Men Oil Free Face-Wash

Very first thing that I or anyone who will use this product will notice is the texture. It is a clay-based face wash, which is pretty good. I liked the skin-feel of it. It soothes your skin instantly with the menthol in it. However, it can be overpowering at times (marketing strategy maybe), it controls the oil on the skin very well but dries out your skin with time. So instant cooling is fine but it has long term effects on your skin. The ingredients are pretty standard and here is my verdict.  

 The cost is Rs 138 for 100ml

Wash ability: 3/5 (Quick rinse) 

Fragrance: 2.5/5 (Not bad) 

Skin feel: 5/5 (I felt on top of a glacier :)) 

Value for money: 3.5/5 (Not bad at all) 


 This is my review of the 3 most popular Men’s oil clear face washes in India and the winner is….(drum rolls please) Himalaya Men (Why so good!!!)  

Do you agree with our review or do you feel we are frauds?  

Or do you prefer some other face wash. Please comment and let us know. We value you feedback more than your better half.  

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Keep it stylish.  



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