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Style Mistakes Men Should Avoid


Style is a never-ending journey. You learn a new thing every damn day. Before you know what to do, you must definitely know what not to do. In this video we discuss 7 common style mistakes that men do and don’t even realise.

1. Wearing big and baggy clothes

Source: Ali's Express

If you want to look sloppy, shorter and stumpy wear baggy clothes. Otherwise wear clothes that fit and compliment your body. Baggy clothes maybe in trend but they don’t look good on most body types and are not classy. So, wear clothes that fit you properly.

2. Wearing pants that are too long

This is one of the style mistakes can be easily avoided but most men overlook it. Whenever you buy new pants, just get them hemmed from a tailor. Most stores do it for free. It is cheap and easy but it enhances your style manifolds.

3. Wearing sport shoes outside gym

Take our word on this. Sport shoes don’t look good with your day to day outfits. Be it jeans, chinos or any other casual wear. Sports shoes look odd and out of the place with formal pants too. So, wear them only when you need them for any physical activity apart from that lock them in a closet.

4. Wearing Sandals with socks


First of all, wearing sandals in itself is a style crime, when you top with up with socks it becomes a style sim. Wear shoes when you need to keep your feet warm and avoid wearing sandals altogether. If you don’t want to look dorky and sloppy, sandals are a no go.

5. Wearing cheap and square toe shoes

Someone said that a man is known by the shoes he wears. So, if you want to look cheap and sloppy wear cheap and sloppy shoes. We do not want you to spend a fortune on shoes, you can get good quality shoes at an affordable price. So, invest in quality shoes and look like a million bucks

6. Over accessorizing

Accessories are meant to elevate your style but when you wear too many of them, it looks like you’re trying too hard. Don’t wear 10 bracelets, rings, necklaces everything at once. Co-ordinate well and don’t overdo. Remember less is more, whenever you dress up, before leaving the house look in the mirror and remove one thing

7. Wearing jeans that are too skinny

We all know one guy, who wears jeans too tight that it looks like body paint. Don’t be that guy. Like other style mistakes wearing skinny jeans can make you look skinnier if you’re thin and it can make you look heavier if you are over-weight. We all have imperfect legs and skinny jeans add to these imperfections.

We hope that you liked the video and learnt some things. Please drop us a like and subscribe to our channel for more such videos. Please comment which is one style mistake that you see men making.

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