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6 Break up Mistakes to Avoid


Break-ups are usually symptoms of problem in relationships. Break-ups happen do to multiple reasons and it can completely throw you off you emotional balance. However, by avoid these break up mistakes, you will find yourself in a much better position to get over or move on from your break-up.

1. Reasoning and overthinking

It is important to understand that your ex-partner was thinking about pulling the trigger on your relationship. They had been thinking about it from a long time and it took them a lot of courage to come to this conclusion. When the break-up happens, your first human response is shock and you want to reason with your ex-partner using logic. However, it is important to understand that your ex-partner is not in a position to listen to your reasons because they already made a very big decision of breaking up with you and they are going to stick with it for some time. So, the best thing that you can do at this moment is to give your ex-partner the space they need.

2. Losing yourself to alcohol and drugs

Avoid this breakup mistake

It is going to be an emotional and painful moment after the break-up. However, if you think that alcohol and drugs are going to help get you through, you’re wrong. Alcohol and drugs will only decrease your chances of overcoming the break-up. Stay away from these things and use the time to take care of yourself.

3. Getting into rebound relationship immediately

Don't repeat this breakup mistakes

This is most common amongst break up mistakes. Many people make this mistake of getting into a rebound relationship immediately. It is important to understand that a break-up happens because of a problem in relationship (in case of healthy relationships). So, it is important to reflect upon those mistakes and fix them before entering a new relationship. It is also important to realize that you have to completely get over your ex-partner and move on to genuinely love a new person.

4. Slacking Or Being Lazy

When the break-up happens, your natural body response is loss of appetite, loss of sleep, weight loss, depression. You don’t want to do anything. I understand. However, this is time you have to force yourself to do the things that you feel uncomfortable right now. It is important.

5. Taking the break-up personally

Break-ups happen due to multiple reasons and you can hardly find out what the exact reason was. So, it is crucial that you stop wasting your time on figuring out what went wrong with your relationship until you have completely gotten over your ex-partner. It is also important to understand that a relationship is just like a cherry on top of your life and not your entire life.

6. Seeking vengeance

Many people fall victim to seek vengeance for their ex-partner broke their heart and trust. If you really loved that person, your response should be to set them free instead of seeking vengeance. They are not your enemy. Seeking vengeance will harm your ex-partner’s life and most importantly your life. Moreover, once you have taken your revenge, you will question yourself if you did the right thing and feel guilty about it. If you are going through a break-up, we understand your situation and we hope that you recover soon.

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So, Gentlemen avoiding these break up mistakes will help you to come out of the break-up stronger and with a profound mindset. This can also help your ex-partner to rethink their decision and decide to reconcile with you. We hope that you liked the video and learnt some things. Please drop us a like and subscribe to our channel for more such videos.

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