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6 Natural Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels

Increase Testosterone Naturally


Maintaining healthy and optimal testosterone levels has become a challenge for men in modern times. Men, who are aware of this are looking for ways to increase their testosterone levels continuously. Testosterone is the hormone that differentiates men from the boys. Testosterone becomes hyperactive around the age of 12 in most boys and this hyperactivity results in all the cracking up of your voice, increased muscle size, and hair growth.

An optimal level of testosterone is very important in your adulthood and even in old age. It helps in maintaining general health, prevents against many diseases, allows for healthy body composition, and sexual functions of a man.
Moreover, when you increase testosterone levels in your body, it results in rapid muscle gains in just a matter of a few weeks. In this article, we discuss 6 science-backed and natural ways to increase testosterone levels in your body and reap the benefits:

1. Lifting Heavy Weights 

lift heavy to boost testosterone
lift heavy to increase testosterone naturally

While regular exercising, has a ton of benefits, among these benefits is also increased levels of testosterone. A study found that people (both young and elderly individuals) who exercised regularly and lifted heavy weights, showed higher levels of testosterone. One great way to boost your T-levels is by incorporating resistance training in your fitness routine.

A great example of resistance training is weight lifting. Also, high-intensity interval training or HIIT is an amazing exercise program that individuals can start practicing to increase testosterone levels in their bodies. So, if you haven’t yet found a reason to get your ass to the gym, now you have a solid one.

2. Eating Healthy Amounts of Macro-Nutrients 

eat healthy to increase testosterone levels

Who would believe that eating healthy can increase testosterone levels when there are so-called testosterone boosters out there in the market? Well, there isn’t a better testosterone booster other than your natural diet. Period. Not only eating healthy improves your testosterone levels, but also regulates the levels of other hormones in your body.

It is also crucial to note that constant diet and overeating also disrupt testosterone levels. Moreover, eating a healthy amount of carbs, protein and fats are essential to help maintain, metabolize and regulate testosterone levels in your body as you weight train. Also, if you think that consuming fats would make you fat, you are wrong! In fact, having a healthy amount of good fats (polyunsaturated fats) helps maintain the function of our endocrine system, which further helps in optimizing hormonal levels in the body. Here is the proof.

3. Getting Enough Rest

get enough rest to boost testosterone
get enough rest to increase testosterone levels

Honestly, ask yourself how many hours of regular sleep do you get per night? 4 hours? 5 hours? An average man needs to sleep at least 7-8 hours every night for his mind and body to get enough rest, lower stress levels, decrease cortisol levels and produce healthy amounts of testosterone. This is scientifically proven. Sleeping is good, gentlemen. Take our advice and dedicate 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Couple this with a healthy diet and regular workout and you’re going to be a testosterone donor.

4. Reducing Stress Leads to Increased Testosterone

reduce stress levels
reduce stress levels to increase testosterone levels

Stress is often overlooked and exaggerated in today’s generation. With people involving in so many activities and losing focus on themselves, being in stress has become a common phenomenon. However, what most people do not realize is that increased stress levels negatively impact our testosterone levels. This is because stress causes cortisol levels to rise in the body, which works against testosterone and reduces its production.

Do you want your T-levels to drop by any chance? I hope you don’t. So, incorporate stress management activities such as exercising, sports, reading, yoga, and meditating. To learn how meditating can benefit you, read this article.
Control your stress gentlemen and you’ll control everything else that revolves around you 
Looking for proof? Here it is.

We want to add something more to this. If you are going through any kind of mental condition or depression, please reach out to support groups and doctors. Don’t neglect it. There is help available and getting out of depression is easier than you think. Don’t let depression rule you, cast it out and take control of your life.

5. Drop Your Bodyweight

lose weight
lose weight to increase testosterone

Gentlemen, increased body weight has zero advantages. It prevents you from enjoying the best quality of life that you possibly can have and increases risks of various diseases including heart disease. Well, we know that you want to reduce that damn body weight and lead a better quality of life and you have been trying to do that. However, simply trying doesn’t mean anything. You have to take action and get your lazy ass to the gym and pump some iron or involve in other physical activities.

Working out is heavenly fun. However, you have to experience it to believe it. So, our advice will not help you unless you take responsibility for your health and well-being. All we can do is to encourage you to take action.

Now, back to the topic. Increased body weight is definitely bad for your testosterone levels. Men, who are obese are at higher risk of lower testosterone levels and if you are in your 20s or 30s, you have to realize that this is the time your body produces more testosterone and you should take advantage of it.
Here is the study that tells you how increased body weight affects your testosterone levels.

6. Stop Abusing Alcohol and Drugs

stop abusing alcohol
stop alcohol abuse to increase testosterone

You know that alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs are bad for our health and they considerably reduce our lifespan, but, we still do them. I am guilty of that too. However, it is important to state and realize that abusing alcohol, cigarettes or drugs is hazardous for our health and testosterone levels. Excessive alcohol consumption affects the glands that produce testosterone and adversely affects male sexual and reproductive health and causes cell damage. So, take small steps to lower alcohol consumption and see the magic happen. Here is the study proving the same.

Gentlemen, this is just the start of improving your health, lifestyle and testosterone levels. I am sure that you want to grow, improve and help other fellow-gents to grow as well. So, stick with us and subscribe to our newsletter and YouTube channel to become a better version of yourself on a daily basis. So until next time, this is Vincent and I’ll come with another interesting and knowledgeable article very soon. Until next time, stay manly!

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