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Why Should You Meditate and How to Start



So, I wasn’t in my right senses to create content for you and I know a lot of you missed new stuff on the space. I was going through many downs and fewer ups and this completely messed up with my routine. I started waking up late and doing almost everything spontaneously. The biggest reason of this huge change in my routine was unemployment. Yes, I lost my job and was unemployed for nearly six months. For those who are new, this blog isn’t my full-time job. I am a content/social media manager in a firm. So, because I lost my job, my peace was gone for a toss and I was super stressed. When you have bills and EMIs to pay but no fixed income, it’s hard to keep your head cool.

Interview after interview, rejection after rejection. I started to lose hope and self-confidence. There were times, when I thought that I wouldn’t make any progress in life. It was early May and I got rejected from yet another job-interview. This time I was completely shattered. I became numb. On my way back to home, I cried and felt useless and defeated.  I had two options either I keep on crying and get shattered or I should collect myself and keep looking for a job. I chose the second one obviously.


But this wasn’t easy and there was something that changed my perception about life completely. It was meditation. I stumbled upon an amazing ad. The ad was about the app “HEADSPACE”, this app is made for easy meditation. I was intrigued with the friendly animation that ad had. So, I downloaded the app and cut to today; this app is what I start my day with.

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Don’t worry this isn’t a sponsored post (I wish it was). So, the point I want to make here is that everyone should meditate everyday or at least a few days in the week.

Why is meditation important?

Why Should you meditate: Karma

Simple, it’s an exercise for your mind. You work out to build a stronger and carved body, meditation gives you a calm and strong mind. Trust me it may sound insignificant right now but a mind full of chaos can destroy your life. Just a few minutes of your day is what is required to have a stronger mind and a peaceful life. Depression, worry, anxiety and many such feelings are unavoidable, but meditation can help you stay calm during these overwhelming emotions. It wouldn’t make things easier, but it can give you the strength to overcome these hard times. Not just when you’re worried but even in good times you should meditate regularly. It helps enhancing your focus, which is helpful in your professional life too.

Is it difficult?

Initially, yes but the more you practice, the better you get at meditating and focusing. Also, you don’t need to meditate for hours, just a few minutes. 10-30 minutes, to be precise are enough to keep you calm and composed throughout the day.

How do I start?

Why should you meditate

Start small, start meditating for a few minutes initially and then increase the time. You can download the app “HEADSPACE” or any of the meditation apps available on Google play or apple store. These are mostly free and come with clear and easy instructions. Or you can join Yoga classes or find a teacher who can help you start with meditation. There is one more way, but I didn’t find it effective, focusing on your breath and concentrating but without instructions you can’t get the real benefits of meditation.


Gentlemen, when going gets tough, the tough gets going. Meditation is not just any fancy habit or an ‘in thing’, it should be an essential part of everyone’s routine. So, start today and have an amazing and peaceful life.



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