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How to look like a Badass



I can’t apologize enough for being so caught up in not so important chores of my life. Nevertheless, I am back and definitely with a bang. I have promised myself that Men n’ more would be packed with amazing information and badass advice for all you wonderful men out there.  Speaking of badass, today we will be discussing some tips and tricks to look like a badass and these tips include my not so recent purchase of a sexy but damn affordable leather jacket from an amazing place.

I am a sucker for authentic and quality leather jackets but unfortunately they come with a hefty price tag and unlikely to the popular belief I don’t spend a fortune on my clothes. I always try to shop smart and save some cash if I can. And this amazing piece costed me very less, to be precise only 2700 rupees. This was definitely a steal. I love the quality of leather, the finishing and the fit is just flawless, I am sure now you must be wondering ” where the heck I got the jacket from?” stay tuned and I’ll tell you a place which can easily be called the paradise for leather lovers.

But before that here are a few tips which will help you look like a badass

Nail the fit

Okay, so a lot of people may tell you wearing a particular thing can make you more manly but no matter what you wear, if it is ill fitting you are just going to look sloppy and careless. Wearing clothes that fit makes all the difference. You look well put together, neat, confident and a  badass (yess)

Invest in quality Outerwear

You know what usually makes a man stand out of crowd?? A fantastic piece of outerwear. It can be a well-fitted Blazer/Sports coat, a classy trench coat, rugged denim jacket or the all time badass leather jacket, choose your outerwear well and always stay one step ahead from other men.

Monochrome is the key

Everything I am wearing is somehow in the shade black

Well monochromatic dressing is the key to look like a badass, it makes you look taller, leaner and meaner. To explain it better let me tell you what is a monochrome look? When you co-ordinate (don’t mistake as matching) your clothes, shoes and accessories in similar shades of a color. For example if you’re wearing an all black outfit with black shoes it is considered to be a monochrome look.  Donning a monochrome look can never go wrong because you know everything you wear compliment each other and chances of mismatching is negligible. It makes you appear taller because there is nothing high-contrasting so the eyes doesn’t stop anywhere and this results in a taller appearance, Makes sense, isn’t it?

Less is more

Yes you can look amazing and badass in a minimalist wardrobe. Wearing tonnes of accessories and layers can definitely make you more fashion-forward and street style ready but you know when a badass walks into the room the only thing that people notice is the persona (well clothes do make a difference though) and you definitely want to use this tip and look like a million bucks

I hope these tips will help you look amazing and a definite badass but before I take your leave I must tell you where I got this phenomenal leather jacket from. So, if you stay in Delhi I have a very good news for you. You can get amazing leather jackets at most affordable price ever. The place is Mohammadpur near AIIMS and all you non-delhites, I will score same quality leather jacket online and let you know soon.

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