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4 Way to Wear Tan Chinos


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Gentlemen! I hope things are wonderful at your end and you’re having a blast. Wait!! What?? Are you still clueless about what to wear at most situations? Well, don’t worry, Men n’ more is always at your disposal. Our aim is to solve all your style queries. In order to always look your best, you don’t need to have a gigantic wardrobe with expensive clothes and shoes in it. However, you definitely need some well-fitting essentials to create a well-rounded and versatile wardrobe. These few essentials can cover most situations and take you places. One of these wardrobe essentials a man should invest in is a well-fitting pair of Chinos. Basically, Chinos are casual cotton pants that are dressier than Jeans but less formal than dress trousers. Okay! Now that you know the basics of Chinos, what should be your first pair of Chinos?  In my opinion it should be a pair of Tan Chinos

The reason for getting a Tan Chino is that it goes with most color shirts/T-shirts/Tops, also it gives you an edge over the other popular menswear colors like grey and navy blue. You can wear it with a simple T-Shirt but also dress up with a blazer/sports coat and in this look-book, I & Vincent have curated 4 ways to wear your Tan Chinos like a boss.  

Here are the 4 looks I hope you will like it.  

Super-casual is the new cool  

Wearing your Chinos with T-shirt is one style notch higher than a regular pair of jeans. You can look good in a pair of jeans and a T-Shirt but pairing it with chinos, whole another level of style. It gives you the same boyish charm but also keeps the sophistication alive. Pair your Tan Chinos with a patterned t-shirt and a pair of classic sneakers and you’re all set to turn some heads.  

In this particular look I have paired a classic round neck tee with the chinos. To top off the look these navy loafers from Bond street.

The outfit is rather simple so I accessorized with a beaded bracelet and a watch.  This look is apt for a casual Sunday brunch with you buddies or even a casual day out with your girl. 

The casual dapper 

A classic casual button-down shirt can be very helpful at times. When paired with a Tan Chino, it gives you a casual vibe keeping the seriousness of the outfit alive. Since a shirt is dressier than a t-shirt, you can wear it with your super cool chinos onto a lot more occasions.


In this look Vincent is wearing a gingham check button-down shirt with the same tan chinos. For footwear he chose these navy-blue suede derbies and a casual belt.

This outfit can be worn on multiple occasions like a casual Friday in the office or maybe a coffee date with your girl. He’s wearing a pair of wayfarers to accessorize the look and a beaded bracelet.  

Pro tip: always roll-up your sleeves while wearing a shirt casually. It gives a manly appeal to the outfit.  

Office casual perfection 

Okay, repeat after me POLO shirt. Keep repeating until you start liking this bad boy in the world of shirts. Polo shirts have a bad reputation because of their misuse by some unstylish gentlemen. In my opinion it should be a staple for every man. A Polo shirt is super versatile and it can be worn with practically anything. From trousers to shorts the pairing game is limitless. When this superb man-made creation (sorry I go out of control at times ?) meets chinos, this encounter is too hot to handle.  

This is a perfect office casual look, Vincent is wearing his Tan Chinos with a blue polo, leather oxblood penny loafers and matching belt. He’s keeping it sophisticated with a dress watch. The accessories are minimal and just to add some fun he’s wearing amazing patterned socks.  

Read here how fun socks can elevate your look 

This look is perfect for office and after hours, even for a dinner date you can opt for this outfit.  


The boss-man outfit 

A suit is like an armor for men. Sports/suit jackets are arguably the best-looking jackets in the world. They just scream authority. A man in a suit is authoritative but at times too serious. So, to tone down that seriousness but keeping the sex appeal intact, dress down your suit jacket with a pair of Tan Chinos. I just can’t stop praising this combination. It’s a new definition of casual cool yet sophisticated.  


Tan Chinos With Blue Sports coat

This dope outfit consist of a blue suit jacket a white dress shirt and black slip-on loafers. I am going sock less to add on to the casualness of the outfit.

Amazing look

To accessorize, I have added a white pocket square a pair of suave glasses and a classic watch. This look screams, I don’t give a f**k. You can wear this whenever you want to leave a long-lasting mark on anyone.  


So, Gentlemen here are few different ways you can style your chinos. Do you like these looks or do you have some ideas to style your chinos? Please comment and let us know, your feedback is precious for us. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for amazing content direct to your inbox.  

See you next time, till then Keep it stylish 







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