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How to Elevate Your Style Instantly With Maanja Socks


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Hey Gentlemen!!

First of all, I am sorry for not being able to publish any article from a long time. Well, to be very frank I was trying to find a solid resource for you guys. And, voila! I have found a terrific way to instantly elevate your style quotient.

The way is fun, colourful socks. Vibrant and fun socks are the latest buzz in men’s fashion  across the globe. From celebs to models every stylish man can be spotted wearing these bad boys. Now the question arises, why should you wear such socks? Let me tell you.

fun socks are creating headlines
fun socks are creating headlines


Adds colours to your otherwise boring outfit

We men generally run away from vibrant colours. Which is not always right. Sometimes experimenting with colourful accessories like socks gives you an edge over other men. It adds a pinch of style to your subtle wardrobe.

Go Dressy stay fun!

You look interesting!!

Now picture this, just like every other guy you are also well-dress and I am assuming well groomed too. But how would you make yourself look interesting. Simple wear an amazing pair of socks in vibrant colours and unique patterns. You will not even realise that this pair of socks will send a subtle message of you being Interesting.

Black shoes boring...socks amazing!!
Black shoes boring…Maanja socks amazing!!

Women notice it A LOT

Well,I need not say anything else. Trust me all the women I know have complimented me on my choice of socks.

Let them go gaga
Let them go gaga

I knew about all this but my main concern was, where to find such socks in India?

So, it started with me sitting idle on my couch and scrolling my Facebook wall with no particular motive. Suddenly, an advertisement caught my eyeballs. It said ” India’s most loved socks” and all I could see was dynamite looking ,vibrant coloured and fun socks. I was bedazzled with the collection. I mean it is huge!! Without any further ado, I directly landed to the website and started window shopping, to my surprises the prices were just phenomenal. So, I decided to upgrade my sock inventory but I thought let me know more about this brand get you guys some amazing information. I read their OUR STORY page and was bowled over the brand philosophy.

I absolutely love the brand their product is soft, the cushion is premium and the feel ” oh my!!” Their socks come in two lengths full length and ankle. They have sporty looking socks that will add delights to your track suits and dressy socks to elevate your suit too. All the socks are cushioned so they absorb sweat really well and keeps your feet dry all day long.
So Guys!! Do try Maanja and own India’s most loved socks today 🙂

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