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5 Reasons Why Should You Dress Well


Gentlemen! Have you ever asked yourself, why should you dress well? Well, if you haven’t it’s the time to put some light on this overlooked aspect of your life. In this age where men don’t pay any attention to their appearance and don’t put any effort in dressing well. This topic becomes even more relevant.  

Dressing well doesn’t necessarily means wearing a suit and a tie, it essentially means that you should wear clothes that complement you, your image, your body and the occasion. Just picking up an expensive shirt from the mall will not make you the best dressed man in a room. You have to invest time and efforts into developing a style. But the question is still intact, why should you dress well?  

So, here are 5 reasons for this question 

When you dress well, people take you seriously.  

Imagine you have an interview and you have two outfit options. First, a well-tailored shirt, formal dress shirt & shiny leather shoes. The second option is a shabbily fitting t-shirt, ripped jeans and sports shoes. In our opinion (which is also a common perception) your chances to land a job are more when you wear the first outfit. So, when you dress well people take you seriously.  

Dress well to appear successful 

There are chances when you see someone impeccably dressed and thought to yourself, oh wow this guy looks successful and it’s definitely a no brainer. When you see someone with a good sense of style you believe that he has achieved something in life and that is the very reason for you to start dressing well 

You stand out and receive more compliments by dressing well  

In most situations it is favourable to be the best dressed man in a room. You stand out and grab more attention, people find you charismatic and you become somewhat likeable. When you dress for a reason you start to receive compliments and who doesn’t like compliments. So, if you want more compliments, you should dress well 

You appear confident and well put together when you dress well

Once you start wearing clothes that complement your body and persona. You automatically look confident; your posture improves and your body language improves. Whereas when you dress shabbily you appear under confident and scared. So, dressing well improves confidence too.  

This is the most obvious reason every man should dress for a purpose. It isn’t a rocket science and it is fun. So, do it because you can 

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