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3 Ways To Wear A Waistcoat


Hey Gentlemen!!!

I am super excited for today’s article. It is one of my fav piece of clothing that I have styled in three different ways, for any occasion and you always look dapper in it. Okay so before we start with the actual topic. I have a question for you.

What is the most dapper thing to wear after a suit and a blazer?

Well, in my opinion it is a “WAISTCOAT”!

I hope you guys know what a waistcoat is. If you don’t know let me tell you. It is a sleeveless piece of outwear which is usually worn inside a suit or a tuxedo as a mid layer between the Jacket and the shirt. Surprisingly, a waistcoat looks amazing all by itself. It is a little casual but a perfect summer alternative to a sports coat or a blazer. It is timeless, elegant and it gives your usually boring outfit a pop of Style. One of my recent fashion finds was this amazing corduroy brown waistcoat from SUIT LTD.

This is one brand I was coming across a lot. Trust me guys its everywhere, from Amazon to Myntra this brand is everywhere. Even their prices are superb; this particular waist coat I got in less than Rs 600, and you can’t even get a nice shirt at this price.  I loved the fabric and even the fit is pretty tailored. However I would have to take it in a little but I couldn’t wait to show you guys how dynamite it looks.

Okay, enough of talking let’s get going. So, I have styled this waistcoat in 3 different ways. All of them are unique stylish and super fresh.

Dapper at the work place

Well, if your workplace has norms to wear suits every day, even when the sun is burning everything. This look will definitely piss you off. This is as suave as a well fitting suit yet it is amazingly casual and still keeps the elegance quotient on point.

Shirt: Custom

Waistcoat: SuitLTD

Trousers: Network

Shoes: Red Tape

Tie: Tiekart

Watch: Timex

Glasses: Local Optician

I have paired this waistcoat with an amazing pair of navy blue trouser (which is an office casual staple) and a light blue, superbly fitting button up formal shirt. To add another notch of professionalism I am wearing this amazing knitted tie from TieKart, which is a perfect summer tie, read here for more amazing summer accessories. To finish this look I am wearing these tan Brogues which complements the overall look amazingly well.

When in da Club

How often you guys go out to party? If, the answer is quite frequent. You must try this look. This look screams fearless, bold yet simple and stylish. So, if you wanna look 10 points more stylish than your peers. You gotta up your club look. No more blingy t-shirt and shiny shoes. Go simple, go timeless. Wear this amazing waistcoat with a simple well-fitting white V-neck, grey chinos and white sneakers from doc martin. Click here to read 3 ways to wear white sneakers.

T-Shirt : Jockey

Waistcoat: SuitLTD

Chinos: Netplay

Sneakers: Doc Martin

Watch: Timex

Wear a classy nato strap watch and go buy that spicy senorita a drink. I am sure she wouldn’t say no, or maybe she’ll buy you a drink 😉

Bad boy at the first date

Okay, so it’s screaming hot outside but you have a date, whatcha gonna do?

Wear that amazing suit of yours which will make you sweat like a pig. I am sure you wouldn’t want to look like a complete moron by wearing the leather jacket. What is left?

Shirt: Custom

Waistcoat: SuitLTD

Jeans: Levis

Boots: Red Tape

Watch: Timex

A simple shirt and jeans can take you places but just to spice up things, throw on this amazing waistcoat with the all the classics, white shirt blue jeans. Wear your badass boots and get ready to bedazzle your cute Kanya, wait don’t forget to accessorize with a watch and you’re good to go. This look screams bad boy but in a polished way.


I hope you like all of these looks and next time if you buy a waist coat you’ll wear it like a boss. Please drop in your comments and share this article with your needy bros.

I’ll catch you up soon. Till then stay amazing and keep it stylish



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