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Top 5 Accessories for Warm Weather


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I hope you guys are doing wonderful and giving some serious style goals to your peers.  I understand that summer is on its peak and we don’t enough options as compared to fall and winter.  But does that mean we can’t up our style game in summer and Monsoon?  Well not really.

In my opinion your accessories make all the difference and what better place than my favourite Tie Kart to buy some suave accessories for the warm weather. Yeah, there are different accessories for warm weather and they are specially made to keep you cool and stay stylish. So without any further ado here are accessories that will up your style game instantly.

Knitted Elegance

Ties have been making Mankind stylish since 17th century; they add another dimension of style to your otherwise boring outfit. They are an office essential and sometimes a conversation starter too. But all ties were not created equal, some Ties look good but some Ties kick serious butt. This knitted tie from Tiekart is a must have for the warm weather. It’s airy, contemporary and looks super amazing all by itself. A knitted tie is a must for every man and this one from TieKart will fetch you all the compliments

The Hat-Trick

Imagine an accessory that will make you stylish and also keep you safe from the harmful rays of Sun. You’re right it’s a Hat, specifically a Straw hat or a Panama, it is a loosely knit hat that keeps the airflow going and saves you from the heat of the Sun.  This one again from the house of TieKart will turn all the heads (quite literally). Wearing a hat is not that common, so if you have the guts to pull it off, you’re surely getting attention of the ladies and your peers.


Tale of the fabric belt

A belt is another accessory which is usually an essential for every man (as it keeps your pants up) but choosing the right belt can take your style from a 5 to a 100. While going casual you can opt for a fabric belt as it is easy, playful and doesn’t look as hardcore as a leather one. This navy fabric belt from TieKart is just another piece that you can rock every day. Oh and get ready for the FAQ, “where did you get it from?”  


No-show is the best show

If you’re like me and you like the no sock look in the summer, I welcome you to ditch the sock club but here is one issue. Not wearing socks in summer can give you blisters and stinky feet. So a pair of no show socks is something you should add in your wish list, they keep you sweat-free and you still manage to rock that cool sockless look. Isn’t all you can ask for?

Source: gluestore

Watch out

If you have been following my blog from sometime you would be familiar with my love for watches.  I am a watch sucker, I love all kind of watches and I really wanna have a huge collection of watches someday. I think a watch is an accessory that is simple, subtle but it can make a huge difference. A Nato strap watch can be a cherry on the cake to your accessory stack in the warm weather and this one from Timex is simple, style and super affordable

So, here is my pick on the best accessories for the warm weather, I hope you would like it, do check out TieKart for amazing accessories for all year long. They are my favorite and trust me once you shop from them they will be your favorite too.

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