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How to Save Money on Groceries


Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving– Warren Buffet

Empty stomach or empty wallet, neither of them is pleasant. We all work to feed ourselves and our families but rising grocery prices, unnecessary purchases and expensive food deliveries can substantially disturb our finances. If you are spending a considerable amount of your income on food, you are definitely not managing money well. Now many people can simply ask you to set a budget for your monthly groceries but it is not a very effective method to save money. Grocery prices keep on fluctuating due to inflation, which makes a fixed budget irrelevant and impractical. This does not imply that you keep spending exuberantly on groceries and end up broke at the end of every month. There are some practical and effective ways in which you can save a ton of money on your next grocery trip. These tips are tested by us for months and they have helped save money on groceries without cutting down the supplies.

Make a list

When it comes to saving money, old school methods are the best. Going out shopping without a list can be really expensive. Once you enter any supermarket or grocery store everything may seem enticing. To avoid this, always prepare a list in advance. Use a notepad and pen or use any note taking app to write down the essentials for your kitchen. After you have covered the basics like vegetables, fruits, meats, grains and spices, the probability overspending goes down. Making a grocery list would not just save money, it would also save time.

Buy only whole foods

Save money with whole foods

Pre-cut and frozen food items may seem like a good idea but can deteriorate your health and make a hole in your wallet too. In comparison buying fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, dairy, poultry and meat is much cheaper. Prioritise your health and save money too by buying whole foods. They may increase meal prep but are really good for your health.

Buy generic

Most supermarkets have their in-house alternatives for every name brand product that too at a much cheaper price. The only difference between these and name brand groceries is less advertising. These generic food products are sometimes better in quality and the prices are just unbelievable. So, do not fall prey to marketing gimmicks and choose cheaper and but substitutes.

Wholesale is the way to go

Wholesale is the only way you should every shop for groceries. Look for wholesale options from the manufacturers to buy perishable items in bulk and avail huge discounts. Most people spend way more money by buying from retail stores and go overboard with their purchases exceeding their monthly budget. Try finding these wholesale grocers or supermarkets in your locality and save big bucks on your food supplies.

Restrict snacking

We all crave for delicious snacks, every once in a while and spend most of our grocery budget on these snacks. Candies, cookies, namkeen, chips, soft drinks etc. are not just unhealthy but super expensive too. Even when you buy them in bulk (stop doing this in the first place) or getting an amazing discount, these snacks are often overpriced and come with a lot of health issues. So avoid buying too many snacks and restrict them for special occasions only.

Choose a seasonal and regional diet

Save money

The healthiest diet is the one that is sustainable. Buying fancy superfoods may seem like a smart choice in the moment but does not necessarily benefit out health. Most dietician prescribe a diet that is full of your local and seasonal produces, rich in essential nutrients. Buying seasonal and regional produces is a good choice for your body and your pocket too, as they are cheaply available. Do not get swayed by social media influencers who suggest you a super expensive diet full of foreign vegetables and fruits.

Eat before you go shopping

Save money

We tend to overfill our shopping cart based on our feelings. If you are hungry, you are more likely to be swayed by delicious looking expensive food items. Never visit any super market or local grocery store empty stomach. When you feel hungry you keep thinking about food and may spend way more money on ready to eat items, sugary candies and high calorie spicy snacks. Eating right before shopping can curb a lot of unnecessary purchases and you only buy things that are absolute necessities for your kitchen.

Our financial security is highly dependant on our expenditure, monthly utility bills and groceries are a major part of it. If mastered the art of saving money can take us places.
We do not need to curb our need but prioritise them well. These small decisions can help us live a healthy, wealthy and fulfilled life.

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