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Gym Etiquette: How to be a Gentleman in the Gym?


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While the gym is a place where you let yourself loose and incarnate yourself into a beast, there are certain etiquettes you must stick with in order to keep yourself disciplined. Etiquettes are an important weapon in a man’s arsenal. They create an identity for a man and people look up to him with respect. He becomes an inspiration to others and exhibits the characteristics that he is disciplined and follows his own rules.

In this article, I will tell you about important gym etiquettes that you must follow. There might be chances that you could already be following some of these etiquettes. But, if you aren’t, it’s never too late. So, let’s begin!

Set Your Time

Time Gym Etiquette

Setting a time for your workout should be the first etiquette you must follow. I go to the gym at 7 AM in the morning. Getting my workout done first thing in the morning makes me feel confident. It is because I feel working out is a pain in the ass and I make sure to accomplish it first thing in the morning. However, if you are an evening person or an early morning person, it is still recommended that you set a time for yourself to workout. Do not procrastinate and do not keep switching your gym timings.

Abide by Gym Rules

Gym rules Etiqutte

Different gyms have different rules. Some gyms are okay with you dropping weights after a crushing deadlift but other gyms simply don’t like it. Some gyms are okay with working out shirtless, while others aren’t. So, abide by your gym rules. But, if you don’t like these rules, you can always find another gym.

Know What to Wear

Gym wear workout


The gym where I train, I see people wearing all kinds of clothes while training. Some boys are even comfortable training with jeans on and I am surprised how they can do it. However, I for that matter cannot train without my workout gear and I believe it shows some respect and integrity toward your entire training. Invest in some pair of shorts, t-shirts, and tank tops. Gets some good quality training shoes! Also, make sure to keep your workout clothes clean every single day.

See what should you wear while working out here! 

Carry a Towel

Towel Gym etiquette

You work out hard, you pump that blood and drench in sweat. However, do you realize that you leave a puddle of sweat on the equipment you use? When you’re done with the equipment, make sure to clean the surface of your skin with the towel. Ask the gym staff for wipes or disinfectants to clean the equipment. This is one reason why you should not workout shirtless.

Rack the Weights

Racking weights gym etiquette

Once you are done with the weights that you picked from the rack, make sure to put them back on the rack. Don’t be the person who leaves the weights lying all around your work out zone. If there are younger kids in the gym, they’ll learn this from you.

Don’t Drop Weights

Dropping weights gym ettiquette

There are certain weights that can be dropped but not dumbbells. If you see yourself dropping dumbbells, make sure you stop doing this. Dumbbells don’t respond really well to slamming and dropping and they will soon be destroyed. Be responsible. Moreover, dropping weights is not cool.

Stay Away from a Lifter’s Lifting Zone


Lifting gym etiquette


Don’t wander around a hardworking lifter’s zone. Give them space and certainly stay out of their line of sight. Do not block someone’s view in the mirror while they are working out. People love to watch themselves in the mirror while working out.

Keep Your Phones in Pockets

no phone gym ettiquette

You’re in the gym for a limited time and it is advisable that you make the most out of this time. Focus only on working out and working out harder. The phone can wait!

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