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Travel Etiquette: How to travel in Subway Like a Gentleman!


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A Gentleman is one who never hurts anyone’s feelings unintentionally- Oscar Wilde

In today’s age, Gentlemanly behaviour is often overlooked. No man is interested in learning the basic etiquette and manners. Unlike the old times, when being called a Gentleman was the best compliment a man could ever get. Nowadays we men are just focusing on their beard and behaving as if no one is watching them. Either we just become too polite and end up being dominated by any Tom, Dick and Harry or else we unintentionally become rude to other people, there is nothing in between. A well-rounded Gentleman is fully aware of his actions and daily practices. This includes, but limited to eating, speaking and even travelling etiquette.  

You can learn the basics like Table etiquette, conversation etiquette etc. But have you ever thought about learning travelling etiquette? An average working man spends at least 2-4 hours travelling, be it driving, taking a cab or commuting in public transport. We are going to cover a few aspects of traveling etiquette for men in a public transport and that too while taking subway/metro. It is very important not just for you but for other passengers as well. We will go step by step from start to end of a commute and cover every aspect and appropriate behaviour in every step.  

Buying a ticket 



Reach early: Leave early enough to buy tickets peacefully 

-Always stand in a Queue: No matter how crowded it is, a Gentleman never underestimates the power of a queue.  

Keep the exact change: Saves time and you avoid the possibility of an argument. 

Wait for your turn: Don’t be an A**hole.  

Keep the cash/card in your hand readyAin’t no one got time for your unorganized pile of cash 

-Smile at other passengers: Don’t overdo, understand there is a fine line between a polite smile and creeping someone out 



-Barge into people: Maintain distance, mind the gap 

-Juggle around with your wallet: There is nothing attractive about a man who can’t put his wallet organized 

Engage with the teller for long: He’s not your buddy take your ticket and move, no chit-chats 


Reaching the platform  

Travel etiquette


Walk, don’t run: Please understand it’s not a marathon and there is a train after every 2 minutes.  

Read the signboards: Trust me it helps 

Follow a queue: If there are people queuing for escalator, it is for a reason. You should do it too.  

Be helpful to people in need: This includes escorting needy, specially-abled or aged people to the train  



Push fellow passengers: You aren’t a raging bull so stop behaving like one.  

-Take lifts for disabled and elderly: Go climb some stairs it is good for health.   

-Talk loudly on phone: Relax, talk don’t shout. 

Carry huge bags: Organize, remember you’re going to the office not on a vacation 


Boarding the train



Let people get down first: Don’t worry you will not miss the train 

Stay in a queue: Enough saying this  

Maintain a distance: Not touching your fellow passengers is the best practice.  

Listen to the instructions carefully: Being a good listener can make your commute comfortable 



Stand very close to the passenger: No need to explain this 

-Rush to get in: Leaving on time will never make you worried about getting late. 

Get lost in your phone: Keep moving you’re being a nuisance for other people 


Inside the train 


Keep your bag on the floor: Seat or no seat your bag should rest on the floor 

-Offer seat to the needy: Stand if someone else needs the seat more than you 

Take reasonable space: Train is not the place to relax 

Stand away from the doors: Only reach out to deboard 



-Sit on the floor: Even if you’re dead tired  

Lean on to other people: Being creepy isn’t elegant 

Hog seats: Sit on one seat 

-Stand in the way: Let people de-board comfortably  


De-boarding the train 


Walk out in a queue: Keep a track of your destination station don’t run as if you’re on fire. 

Walk in a steady pace: Don’t be too fast or too slow 

Take all your belongings with you: Don’t forget your bags in the train 



Run like a maniac: Running in trains is prohibited  

– Walk too slow: Let other people deboard easily too 

Step on others’ shoes: Watch your steps tiger 


So, here are a list of rules every man must follow. Please comment if you like this article, it is very valuable for us. Stay tuned for more amazing stuff, don’t forget to listen to our podcast and subscribe our newsletter. We will keep bringing amazing content for you.  

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  1. Rapti B says

    A much needed lesson in etiquette that needs to be shared with as many individuals as possible. Thank you for writing this.

    1. Kavesh Khanna says

      You’re welcome, Rapti. Please share it with your friends in need.

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