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The Perfect Winter Cologne for Men: Titan Skinn Steele


Hey Gentlemen!!!

Finally, at last, after waiting for 7 months of scorching summers. My favorite weather is back. “The Winters”. It is the best time of the year for men’s fashion. You can wear your favourite boots, those amazing and warm sweaters, sip your favorite tea or bourbon and stay stylish.

Okay! Enough about WINTER WEAR and BOOTS, what about cologne? The same summery fruity/lemony scent?? Are you kidding me????

Guys, you gotta choose the right cologne to suit the weather, if you want to up you game. Wearing those citrus scents wouldn’t be right. There is a right time for everything and a well-dressed man knows that very well. Even James Bond orders Virgin Mohito on the beach, instead of his all time favorite Vodka Martini. The right cologne is a very important if you want to put a kickass first impression. Smelling good is important but smelling right is the real deal.

I know what you are thinking. Even I was confused and tired of finding a manly musk for the colder seasons. But thank god, someone gifted me a cologne which solved this Riddle.

Titan Skinn Steele

Titan Skinn Steele EDP

This is one of the manliest smelling cologne I have ever got. Titan had been delighting us since 1984 with world class watches, recently they launched there very own line of Eu De Parfum (EDP) SKINN, the idea behind launching this particular range of perfume was to provide Indians, high-quality French perfume at a sweet price point. To be very frank initially I was a bit skeptical about the longevity and quality because Titan is not a perfume brand. So, I tried a bunch of different samples of TITAN SKINN MEN series and got hooked on to the variant Steele

Macho notes and decent longevity

The nature of this cologne is woody, which means the fragrance has a unique warmth to it. So, if you are planning to cuddle your honey bun (sorry for being mushy), chances are it is going to last a bit longer 😉
With the top notes of citrus, bergamont and pink grapefruit, just a few spurts will hit you with a citrusy splash and after transforming to spicy notes like pink pepper pimento and nutmeg, it will add sparks to your daily routine. At last, the base notes of macho musk, leather and vanilla will keep lingering all day long.


So, here is the final verdict.

Manliness: 10/10

Spicy: 8/10

Sex appeal: 11/10 😉 (personal experience)

Longevity: 8/10 (could last longer)

Value for money: 7/10 (for around 1200 bucks this perfume is a decent buy)


So, gentlemen I hope I have helped you find the perfect cologne for these winter. Do let me know your favorite colognes in the comment section


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