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Have The Best Shave of Your Life with Spruce Shave Club


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I hope had an amazing time, growing and nourishing your beard in the MOVEMBER or No Shave November. Now is the time to groom it. Well, New Year is around the corner. No!! You can’t get away with the same lumbersexual beard throughout the year. You must shave or groom your beard at least. I sport a short beard or stubble so I must shave the neck beard and keep the edges clean and sharp. The problem however is I never get a good shave. Whenever I try to get a close shave, I cut myself on a lot of places. The nicks, the cuts and the burns are reasons, I avoid shaving every day.

So, I am a guy with sensitive skin and shaving with any razor make my face red and I end up looking injured. Shaving is something that haunts me, I grow beard to escape this pain and not by choice. I had been facing this pain since I was 15, my first shave was a bloody painful experience just like any other dude. Until, I came across a Facebook ad which said “Everyone deserve a great shave at a great price” but I wasn’t that impressed. From years’ razor companies are making weird multi-bladed razor and draining our hard-earned money, in the name of great shave. Trust me I have spent hundreds of rupees in search of a comfortable close shave and result was never good. Okay, that ad was intriguing and I couldn’t help but click that. I landed to the wonderland of Shaving Industry.

Amazing razors, shave gel, post shave balm


Enough to make me go bonkers!!

I thought to reach out to them and try their products. So, I shot an email, saying that I would like to review your products for my brethren!!

The next day I received a beautiful box full of amazing shaving ammo!

A set of 5 bladed razor cartridges, a beautiful razor handle and two mind-boggling shaving solutions, pure liquid gold, shave gel & post shaving balm.  

Shaving brush a thing of past.

Lathered foamy shave gels and creams are harmful for your skin they make your skin dry and decrease the contact of razor with the skin. While Spruce’s tea tree and Aloe vera shave gel is just amazing. Use a pea size and work it with your palm. You will get enough foam. Leave it for few minutes and see your razor glide like a wonder.

I shaved on the go to give these products a test. To my surprise, this shave gel gives you an amazing lather and soft skin with very less use of water.

Blades Made in USA for an effortless shave.

Trust me I have used plenty of high-end expensive razors and haven’t been satisfied but if I talk about Spruce Shave Club’s their razors are just oh my!! Sharp and comfortable, you wouldn’t have to stroke again and again.

Shaving became effortless. Like really!!

The razor has a moving head that helps you to get the closest shave without any nick or cut.

no cut at all

Post Shave balm, A cherry on the cake.

Say no to the stingy, spirited, after shave lotions, Spruce Post Shave Balm can give you a soothing sensation without hurting your skin.

It leaves you linger with a fresh manly fragrance all day long.

I loved the concept and their prices. Spruce has given me the best shave of my life, it’s time you experience it too. Try their 5X Shave set it’s the best bang for your buck.
Spruce Shaving club has made great shave affordable and reachable to all people. With the amazing concept of Shave club and great prices, you can customize the plan according to your needs and you will never run out of blades or amazing shave-aid. Spruce Shave club is always at your service.

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