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Make Your Hotel Dates Safe & Secure : Stay Uncle


Hey Gentlemen!!

I hope you guys are doing well. Today, I want to share a story about a couple Raman (name changed) and Kalpana (name changed). They are madly in love with each other and had been dating for 1 year. They wanted to take their relationship to next level on the first anniversary. Unfortunately, they both live with their parents and don’t have a cozy place to spend some quality time. So, Raman called me up and asked for a solution, I suggested him to book a hotel. To which his response was “NO”. Like many people, he was also quite skeptical about the hotel idea.

I started thinking about this scenario and I realised one thing that in our country, no law states that we cannot make love before marriage or book a hotel. Still couples are treated very badly by the hotel crew and they do not allow an unmarried couple to book a hotel. I asked myself, So, I googled about “Couple hotels in India” and after a list long horrific couple stories, I found STAY UNCLE. I visited their site and voila! Here we are!!

A startup that provides amazing 4/5 star hotels for 10-12 hours at amazing prices. To add a cherry on the cake they offer a completely safe and secure stay with and make sure there are no questions asked by the hotel staff. I read a few reviews and people were really happy with their services. So, all you alphas if you are confused or scared about finding a place to make love (trust me it’s no crime) to your partner and still don’t trust STAY UNCLE; hear it from the horse’s mouth.

I intervied BLAZE ARIZANOV the CMO, CO-Founder of STAY UNCLE and here is what he has to say



Why did you start STAY UNCLE?

​Because, I was personally moved of the stories Indian couples shared with us, when hoteliers chased them out in the middle of the night, with no place to go just because they did not have a marriage certificate to prove they are married to each other. Because I wanted to give them the freedom, which in my part of the world is taken for granted. Because I wanted to give Indian couples chance to explore themselves become one in body in mind , be themselves without being judged or harassed.

What your vision?

To make Stay Uncle a one stop place for all things couples need and love​.

How safe are the Hotels in STAY UNCLE?

​Completely safe and secure. We only work with respected and reputed partners professional in their approach and humble in their service. We do not deal with budget hotels. ​

hotels in stay uncle

Are they cost effective?

Extremely. A person can opt for a 4 or 5 star hotel only for 10 hours instead of 24 and this obtain a very affordable price.​

How many hotels have joined hands with you?

​300 as of now

Any message for young entreprenuers?

There is never a good or bad time to start a company. And there is no better place in the world to start a successful company than India. This land has so many problems waiting to be solved. It is a land of opportunities. ​


Okay Blaze enough of the serious talks, my blog is primarily about style, so the next questions is

What is your style quotient?

(Smiles)Indo-western fusions are my favorite.. I am crazy about kurtas or a jacket combined with dhothi. It has to be light for the body and blend with it’s natural shape and contour. The lesser leather the better, preferably none.


So,this was BLAZE ARIZANOV the CMO, CO-Founder of STAY UNCLE.

Gentlemen! It is essential for every couple to make love and strengthen their bond but more importantly you gotta be safe and secure. So, worry no more STAY UNCLE is there to ensure that. After all their motto is “Couples need rooms not a judgement”

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