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Summer Tips For Men


We know summer is the height of being alive

Gary Shteyengart

It is almost the end of May and the sun seems to be in full aggression, evening breeze now feels pleasant and the urge to take a sip of an ice-cold beverage has gotten intense. These are the signs of the peak Summers. After a brief winter and a few brutally cold days, Summer has arrived in full swing and knocked hard on our doors. This means we need to embrace ourselves for the long-drawn months of scorching heat. India is closer to the equator and experiences brutal summers for a prolonged period. In the good old days, wise men had many tricks under their sleeves to stay cool as a cucumber even when there is raging heat. We have compiled a few of those summer tips for men, though these tips are simple, they are tried, tested, and super effective. These warm weather hacks and tricks are sure to keep you cool, healthy, and stylish.

Moisturize Yourself

Man moisturizing himself: summer tips for men

Moisturizing is one grooming ritual every man should imbibe the moment they enter their twenties. Using a hydrating cream or gel regularly is bliss for your skin. Moisturizers keep your skin supple and healthy and protect it from the harsh environment. While most of us do moisturize regularly during winter, we often overlook the importance of moisturizers in summer. Using a mild, hydrating moisturizer can reduce the sebum production in your skin. Excessive sweating may result in dry skin too because the natural salt present in your sweat tends to wash out the essential moisture from your skin, using a moisturizer helps replenish it. So buy a light moisturizer and use it regularly for radiant skin in summer.

Avoid Too Many Showers

When the sun shines in its full glory, a cold shower seems to be the only resort. Cold showers have many health benefits too, you can read about them in detail here. However, too many showers can result in dry skin and you might feel discomfort and itchiness. Bathing three or four times a day is an overkill, it can adversely affect your hair and skin too. Too much exposure to water may result in brittle dry hair and itchy inflammation. Take shorter showers and do not exceed two trips to the bathroom. Use a wet towel to clean yourself if the heat is simply unbearable. 

Always Wear an Undershirt 

Man showing his undershirt: summer tips for men

A soft cotton undershirt can be your best friend in the summer. If you are not wearing a t-shirt or a polo, always layer your casual or dress shirt with an undershirt. An undershirt absorbs sweat protecting your expensive shirts from deodorant and sweat stains, it also keeps you dry and comfortable. You do not need to buy anything fancy, just get a basic inexpensive cotton undershirt and layer it under your shirt. Just follow a few rules, like not wearing a white undershirt inside a white shirt, instead choose a grey or skin-colored undershirt and it would look much better as it is closer to your skin tone. Opt for a short-sleeved old-school undershirt in lieu of a tank-styled one, as it covers your underarm resulting in less sweating and stains on the shirt. You can, however, wear a tank top while wearing a short-sleeved shirt.    

Avoid Going Sock-less

You may be tempted by the no-socks loafer look by your favorite influencer but wearing shoes without socks can be disastrous. Your feet are the sweatiest part of your body and socks are your best friend as they absorb all this sweat and keep your feet dry. Sweaty feet are also catastrophic for your expensive shoes. Over time your shoes can degrade if you wear them without socks as the excess sweat can wear out the insole of the shoes. Not wearing socks also make your feet stink a lot. If you want to achieve the sock-less cool look and show your ankles, choose low-cut socks which can keep your feet dry while also giving you the no-sock look. 

Use an Antiperspirant 

Man applying deodorant: summer tips for men

Even if you do not sweat excessively, an antiperspirant is a must-have for summer. These are meant to reduce sweating and keep you fresh all day long. Deodorants come in many forms like powder, spray, and roll-ons. Choose an alcohol and heavy metal-free antiperspirant to avoid side effects. Fortunately, there are many inexpensive and natural deodorants in the market, which will keep you dry and cool for as long as 24 hours. 

Summer is a pleasant time of the year, sadly the heat can be a bit too much. We cannot avoid the heat completely but these tips will certainly keep you cool and stylish all summer long. 

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