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How to have the best sleep of your life



It’s so good to finally see you guys. I haven’t written anything in a while. Well, was busy creating videos for y’all.

Please check them out. Today, I have someone really special with me and I want you guys to meet her but before you meet her, I would like to ask you a question.

How did you sleep last night?

Yeah, I am serious and let me tell you one thing. A good night sleep can make you look & feel amazing. You stay energetic all day long and also it increases productivity. There are many factors for a sound and comfortable sleep. The major factor is your mattress. A good mattress can be a major stress reliever and therapeutic.

Okay, enough of mattress talks, let me tell you a little about our guest today. Her name is Sabina Bhanpurawala. She is the CEO of Foam Home, a second generation to India’s finest mattress. 

Hey Sabina, thanks for your time. Tell us about you a bit?

I am the second generation entrant into one of India’s finest bedding company which now completes 4 decades. I started working at 16, while I completed graduation from Sydenham College, I used to attend to morning college and then be in office for the remaining day. After graduation, I immediately took up the MBA for Family Businesses. This became my official launch pad into the business. Then I worked for 2 full yrs, after which I took up another program from Harvard Business School, which was about launching new ventures in India.

I got married a year ago and have been fortunate to have a wonderful new family that is extremely encouraging and supportive. A great husband who takes pride in what I do.

Sabina Bhanpurawala: CEO, Foam Home

Tell us about FOAM HOME and what makes it different from other brands?

Foam Home is a company passionate about providing sleep solutions. We are an innovative and dynamic bedding company in India which has been solely responsible in introducing world technology in Bedding to India.

Unlike other brands, Foam Home has created its own niche of Quality conscious and well-traveled clientele. Our clientele comprises of Leading business families, celebrities, leading architects and interiors designers, prestigious institutes like the Indian Navy and the ONGC. Our mattresses are built on science and not just layers of various foams that have no scientific backing. We house the largest range of mattresses and bedding products in the country.

The first Indian retail store in bedding was by Foam Home, back in 1977, since then we’ve been game changers and pioneers all through. For us, mattresses are the most important piece of furniture in ones home, we know its importance and make every effort in educating customers about the same and further providing them with high quality durable and extremely comfortable products.


All products at Foam Home are designed and manufactured in affiliation with the most reputed European Bedding companies.



Why are mattresses important for a wellness?

Times are changing, stress levels are higher than ever before. The amount of leisure time has reduced and to increase these hrs we borrow it from our bedtime. This means we need to get the maximum out of the limited sleep hrs we leave for ourselves. A mattress is very important in achieving this. A bad mattress means stiffness, soreness, constant tossing and turning, tense muscles and back aches. The right mattress is one which is supportive yet comfortable. Gone are the days when we could enjoy sleeping on hard dull mattresses just because historically they were meant to be ideal for the back. Not any more. Now mattresses are made far more scientifically and are meant to give you accurate support for where its needed. The latest ERGOSHELL technology does this with utmost precision. This technology designs the firm and soft zones in a mattress based on pressure mapping devices. This means, the mattresses are manufactured keeping individual weight and support requirement in mind. At the same time these mattresses are extremely luxurious in feel. In India we retail these under the brand name of SEHER – literally a dawn in mattress technology.

Why is sleep important in today’s life and how does a good mattress play an important role in it?

Interestingly if you see, whatever you do in the name of wellness and fitness, you need sleep to enjoy its full effects. Not many realize this. For example Exercising and diet can be completely pointless if you aren’t getting your adequate hours of sleep and if you aren’t getting a restful nights sleep during those hours. Beauty and sleep have a very known connection too. Without getting deeper into the science of sleep, id like to share a very important piece of knowledge. Sleep, though one word, actually contains in itself, a complete phase by phase process to help rejuvenate oneself. Deep Sleep is one of Sleep’s most important stage, where we repair, rejuvenate and build our body, mind and energy to carry on life. This stage lasts for maximum and hour to a little over that when we sleep. A comfortable mattress and environment for sleep helps increase our duration within this stage.

A mattress which is comfortable, cool and supportive will ensure the lowest disturbance during this stage, leaving you with more time to rejuvenate. A mattress unlike any other furniture in your house is one which is directly linked to your everyday. It’s most important but sadly, undervalued.

How important is it for men to dress well and take care of themselves?

There is nothing more striking than a well groomed man. Everything else can be seen ONLY past this test. For me, its extremely important. Clean shaven, neatly set hair, clean clothing and a clean pair of shoes are the pre-requisites for me to even speak to any man. It’s a way of saying, “I like being clean”,

I like taking time out to make myself presentable and I deserve to meet the same kind of women. Its annoying for me when Men prefer well groomed women but don’t expect to be so themselves.

What is your take on Men’s Fashion/Style?

I like men who stay abreast with fashion and trends, but I love men who can pull off casual daily wear elegantly too. Its easy to dress up when there are occasions, the true test of style for me is how you carry yourself when people aren’t watching. What you wear for yourself? Like the best dressed men dress like paupers when in the comforts of their own homes. This is uncool. Its nice to see men in well ironed t shirts and comfy tracks at home, even simple white Kurta look classy according to me. It’s a 10/10 for me if a man dresses well for himself.

What is the one style mistake men make which makes you irritated?

Ignoring footwear. I’ve seen this often, men wearing chappals (flip flops) for the most formal occasions. Chappals (Flip flops) is one style I cant stand. It screams “I am too cool to be caring about footwear”. Just because he cant see it, it doesn’t matter literally. It also appears like a lack of respect for the person you are going with or the event you are going to.

One thing that should be an essential in any man’s wardrobe.

A crisp white shirt. A tan belt, Blue Denims. A good, uncracked wallet and nice pair of socks. ?

Your take on Men n’ More?

I am so glad there finally is a dedicated portal for men. This will ensure the men doing it right are encouraged to get better or at least continue taking care of themselves, those who don’t, well, here is something they should aim for. Thank you, for covering the minutest details and letting men know the importance and impact of them taking care of themselves.

How can we own a FOAM HOME mattress?

First, convince yourself that sleep is important and that you work hard enough to deserve it. Now, if you are someone who only settles for the best, you’ll find out FOAM HOME is where you need to be. If it’s a perfect mattress its got to be from Foam Home.

You can visit us anytime at our iconic store in Tardeo or write to me directly for any assistance on mattress buying and we can take it from there.

Interesting and enlightening, this is what I can say about this conversation. Gentlemen!! You being wellness and happiness matters a lot and a deep sleep is a must have for a modern day gentleman

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