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Style Buzz with Sangeeta: The Newest Style Girlfriend in House


Gentlemen, I hope your still spreading awesomeness!!

Firstly, I am sorry for not writing anything in a while but guess what I am back and this time not alone. We have a new Style Girlfriend in the house. She’s an amazing Lifestyle Blogger and a wonderful human being. Her sense of style is Badass and she covers all the aspects of style and fashion. So, I got to know her through Facebook and asked her if she would spare sometime and enlighten us with her wise words. She gladly accepted the invitation and here is my conversation with her

Sangeeta, I am so thrilled to have you on the blog. Tell us something about you and your blog.

I am happy to have a conversation on Men n More blog.  I blog on SangeetasBuzz, fashion and lifestyle blog. I stared the blog in 2015 and since then I am happy to share personal style updates on my blog. My main focus is to create fashion and style stories on current fashion trends keeping in mind that my audience can go ahead and try the same.

Sangeeta Yadav

How long have you been doing this wonderful work?

I started my first blog in 2011 however I didn’t know much about the blogging space. I shut the same in 2014  and started SangeetasBuzz in 2015.

What is style to you?

For me style is comfort in your own skin, color , personality and clothes. Style is somethings which gives confident and not leaving you uncomfortable.

What is your favorite style statement?

My go to go style is high waist bottoms and loose t-shirt. They make me feel comfortable and stylish at the same time.

What are the style mistake every Indian man commits according to you?

I feel the basic style mistake every Indian man commit is wearing a wrong shoe. So I request you to make a post on shoe styling soon.

Source: Blog of bad

Why do men need to a style buddy/consultant?

Personal styling is essential but a consultant can improve you personality in a positive manner. So I suggest guys to go on internet and follow Men n More for upcoming style updates.

What is one accessory/clothing every man should own?

A watch is the one accessory every man should own and use. It gives your look a style boost. So guys go ahead and buy some sexy watches.

According to women what are the things that makes a man attractive and charming??

I feel every women on this planet would love a Gentleman  with a right style which complements his personality.

Biggest turn off according to you?

Biggest turn off is bad body odor. Sometimes guys ignore to use perfume and this is surely a negative point for every guy.

What is one thing that you find hot in a man?

I love guys with light stubble, it makes them look little mature than their age.

Source: Fashion beans

How do you like Men n’ more?

For me Men N’ more is a complete guide for Men to be updated on latest fashion and style trends.

One advice you would like to give my readers.

Being a female fashion blogger, I would like to give one advice to the readers is  “Respect your girl” .

Where can we learn more about your work?

You can find my blog on and also follow me on following social channels:



I have recently started my YouTube channel by the name SangeetasBuzz


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