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Badass Old School Grooming Products That You Should Try


Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat- Laura Ingalls Wilder

Contrary to a common belief men’s grooming is not a recent phenomenon. It exists from ancient times, humans have been taking care of themselves from stone age. Men have also been taking keen interest in grooming themselves, and in today’s age we are surrounded by tonnes of male grooming products. All thanks to the internet, there is a new product being formulated every single minute. There are products for sensitive skin, dry skin, organic, mild, scented, non-scented, etc. On one hand these new options give us an array to choose from but simultaneously they feel like an overkill.

Let’s be honest no one needs 20 different lotions or balms that smell like a perfume shop. Also, a razor with a vibrating ball head and ten blades is a bit too much. Technological advancements are definitely enhancing our lives but somethings are better the old school way. Looking at our grandfathers and fathers, it is clear that even with 100 different products on our shelves we do not look half as well-groomed as they used to be. So, let’s take a ride back in time and talk about some old school grooming products, that are still the best.    

Safety Razors

Shaving is a ritual that is quintessentially manly. While many men find this a chore, it is actually a skill to cherish. You may be using an aerosol can and a plastic five blade razor that is as good as a butter knife, it is advisable to switch to a single blade safety razor system. Using a fresh razor sharp blade every time your shave is not just adventurous but it is also gentle on your skin. It lessens the chances of scraping and cutting your skin while reducing the beard hair substantially. Straight razor shave might look intimidating but once mastered you can achieve a much closer shave every time. There is definitely a learning curve involved, but once you master it a wet shave is a skill to be proud of.

Bar Soap

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A shower,  preferably a cold one (read here why cold showers are beneficial) is the first step towards a well-rounded grooming regime. While colorful exotic shower gels can be really enticing, the OG bar soap is still the best bet for your buck. Don’t believe the marketing gimmicks advocating the use of shower gel/body wash, there is hardly any difference between the two. They both serve the same purpose, cleaning your body. Bar soaps are gentle on the skin and contains less chemicals. High quality bar soaps are made from essential oils and fats, and they cost a fraction of the commonly available body washes/gel soaps.

Shaving cream/soap and brush

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Many of us have never even used a real shaving brush. We mostly rely on shaving foams and gels. They provide a rich lather but are also filled with harmful gases and chemicals, which can be really harsh on your skin. A coarse horsehair shaving brush is your best friend for a phenomenal wet shave, it lifts up your whiskers allowing your razor blaze to glide like a hot knife in butter. Shaving cream and brush make a perfect pair for a perfect shave. Use any old shaving cream/soap and make a rich lather by working your brush, it’s not just a shave it’s a lifetime experience.

Alum Block

There is no better after shave than the good old Alum Block in the market, period! It is not even exaggeration an Alum block is inexpensive, antiseptic, and fights with the common post shave issues like nicks, razor burns, bumps, and small cuts. You must have seen this at your local barber and it burns like hell. Regardless of how bad it stings, an Alum block is full of mineral salts and was used by the Egyptians more than four thousand years ago. Imagine rubbing a piece of history to your face every morning, it cannot get any better.


If you are into new age waxes and hair sprays, this might offend you a little. Brylcreem has been in the market since 1928 and boy it is good stuff. The creamy texture and natural shine is one of the very few attributes of this legendary product that makes it still a go to for the hair connoisseurs. Take a shower use a dime size of Brylcreem, your hair will stay styled and nourished all day long. You don’t need fancy blowdryers and plenty of products, stacked one over other to look like a million bucks.


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There were days when every man needed just one moisturiser for every purpose. Fortunately that multi-purpose moisturiser is still as relevant. It is petroleum jelly commonly referred to as Vaseline. Be it a nick after shaving, or chapped lips, Vaseline keeps your skin nourished and leaves a healing effect. It’s a tad bit oily but amazing for your skin. A little bit goes a long way, so you can not just save your skin, but a lot of cash too.

Somethings can stand the test of time and these products are a testament to this. Please let us know if you agree with our list, or not. Also, would you like a part 2 of these products.


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