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5 reasons to start exercising today!!


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Gentlemen! “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body”. Fitness and health are two factors that are being neglected by a lot of men nowadays. Increasing competition, busy lifestyle, wrong eating habits and lack of sleep are a few factors that are stopping men to take care of themselves properly.
See, I know it is tough to be a man, you’ve got to work day and night to achieve something in your life and you can’t let anything be a hurdle in your success. That is one major reason you should start exercising. Working out doesn’t only mean going to an expensive gym and pumping Iron. It can be as simple as a brisk walk, a swift run or some basic cardiovascular exercises. The point is you should put your body to some kind of hard work. Working out or exercising not only improves your body, it also increases your immunity and vitalizes your mind. So, this way you look better and think better and perform better.
I know you need much more motivation to leave your bed and move that “lazy butt”. So, here are 5 reasons you must start working out today.

You Look amazing!!

Well, lil pushups and a few crunches won’t harm you; instead they will make you look amazing in your favorite tank tops. Once you start following an exercise regime, you body slowly and steadily start to look better. You look healthier, your posture improves and your stamina also increases. Eventually, you look like the best version of yourself.

I look hotter when I run :P
I look hotter when I run 😛

Stay focused tiger!

Okay, let’s assume you are already good-looking and blessed with a sculpted body (purely an assumption) but are you performing well in your life? Basically, working out increases your concentration which results into a kickass performance in your work or studies or whatever you do for a living. You feel relaxed and focused. This focused attitude is really helpful to be successful.

Focusing on the push-ups!
Focusing on the push-ups!

Happiness is just few crunches away!!

So, I had a really bad day at work. My boss was furious on me and yelled all day. I go back home put on my running shoes and go for a run, after a few miles and being drenched in sweat, I feel amazing. All my negativity flushes away and I feel happy. Trust me this is the best feeling in the whole world. Exercising makes you happy; it gives you a sense of achievement. If you have a body goal start working on it today leaving all your worries behind. Once you achieve these goals you smile more often.

I look happier! Do I?
I look happier! Do I?

You start looking younger, oh yeah!!

Hey, you look amazing for your age! If you want this compliment, start working out today. Imagine having a toned body and a flawless skin even in your 40s, well this is possible only when you work out on a regular basis. Join a gym, do some yoga or just go out for a jog, to look like a million bucks in your 40s you have to start investing today.

Squats can be anti aging
Squats can be anti aging

Working out is fun!!

If you think work out is boring, welcome to the fitness world dear. Exercising is like any other fun activity, once you choose the best for yourself, you start to enjoy it over anything else. I have seen people working out in the gym even at 11pm in the night and that is because they love it. Working out gives you a certain pleasure and you develop a hobby which has only pros.

Its fun!!
Its fun!!

I may not be a fitness expert but I know that working out is essential for every man. So, now when I have given you enough reasons, how about a run!!! 😉

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