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Three Shoes Every Man Must Own


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I hope you’re doing well. I am sure I have said it like 1000 times in all my articles and Quora answers that “A man is known by the shoes he wears”. Trust me guys if you are wearing the right shoes at the right place and the right time, you win half of the battle. Be it a date, an interview or a business meeting, if someone compliments you on your shoes, Congratulation! You have successfully impressed the heck out of them.

There are many FAQs related to shoes like; how many pairs of shoes do you need? 

What material should they be in? Which shoe brand to go for?

Will one or two pairs be enough or I need to have a huge shoe collection?

The only material that you should consider while buying a shoe is leather and here is why:

  • It easy to clean and maintain
  • It is durable
  • It never goes out of style
  • Gets better with the age
  • It always looks premium

There are many reputed and even new brands that make amazing shoes, this completely depends on you budget and requirement.

Okay and to have a versatile and timeless shoe closet, I bring you 3 pairs of Shoes that every man needs to own. They look amazing today and look super awesome even after a few years.

Black Balmoral Oxfords

A simple, classic and elegant pair of black oxfords will take you places. You can wear them with your formal suits and even with your favorite pair of jeansOxfords can be worn in the most formal settings and a lot of fashion forward gents experiment with them and sport them casually too.

So, if you are looking for a shoe that can be transitioned from a board meeting to a casual date seamlessly. Black Oxfords are surely a bang for your buck. They should ideally have a cap toe and a closed lacing system, so if you want to up your game in the office, throw your old square toe shoes and buy these sweet looking Oxfords from Red Tape.

Tan Brogues

So, we are sorted with the formal and semi-formal settings. What about the casual and fun situations? There are times you need to look interesting and edgy and for that I have another perfect pair of shoes for you. Brogues, especially in tan or light brown . Every man must own a tan colored footwear, it makes the regular outfit look amazing and adds depth and dimension to your persona. Brogues are shoes with holes poked in them. They had a special purpose back in time but now they are there just for ornamental purpose. 

A man can grab many eyeballs if he’s wearing the perfect pair of bogues and if they are tan/light brown in color, it is like a cherry on the cake. I am in love with these Tan Brogues from Red Tape as I can wear them with my favorite suit/sports coat/blazer and wear them with jeans and chinos. Trust me guys the compliments I get for these shoes are just unbelievable. A simple white shirtblue jeans and these shoes; this is a combination that can never go wrong.



Brown Chukka Boots

Quick trivia: There is one footwear that makes a Man look incredibly masculine and sexy and that is?

Loafers? No.

Sneakers? Are you kidding me!!!

Boat shoes? No, buddy I am not talking about sailors.

I am talking about boots. A suave pair of boots can take your style quotient from an eight to an eleven instantly. If you have the perfect pair of boots, you can leave your mark wherever you go. So, imagine this scenario you enter a room full of people. They like what you are wearing and the way you talk. Suddenly, when you sit down they notice your amazing boots.

Woah! You instantly get an edge over others. Every man likes boots, they are a quintessential piece in any man’s closet. Whenever, I want to feel amazing about myself I wear these Chukka boots and I feel super confident.

You must own at least one pair of boots and Brown Chukka boots are the best to invest in.

A Chukka boot is an ankle length boot that was originated in India. They were worn by the British soldiers in world war 2. They have a rubber sole and typically a suede or leather upper. They are great for fall and winters and can even be worn in summers because they are ankle length.

This pair of Brown Chukka Boots by Red Tape looks great with everything.

Shoes are a great way to accentuate your style. All these pairs are from a premium and affordable shoe brand Red Tape. Red tape is a global phenomenon and is one of the most loved brands by the fashion icons across the globe. They manufacture some of the best-looking shoes and offers them to you in your budget. So technically Red Tape offers you luxury but without hurting your pocket. They have a huge collection at an unbeatable price.

My dear brethren, as your style savior I can give you one tip to win any style battle, focus on the shoes and the world shall focus on you.
Stay Awesome

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