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How to Become a Humble Person


Humility is a quality that is highly spoken of. It’s a quality that is very hard to develop and once developed can lead to greater reward and internal sense of peace. Today, we talk about what humility is and six smart, simple and challenging ways to develop humility and become a humble person.

Admit that you’re not the best

One thing that we all human fall victim to is that believing that we are the best. When we call ourselves the best, we lose the opportunity for improving ourselves. As humans, we must realise that we have our limitations and by acknowledging that not only you become a humble person but also kind to yourself in case you fail.

Acknowledge your faults

Before looking the speck in our own eyes, we tend to look for the speck in others’ eyes. What we mean by saying this is that we humans point out faults in others before finding the faults in us. When we realise where our faults are and that we are not perfect individuals, we become a humble person and kind to others and empathise with them.

Practice Gratitude

How many times have you thanked nature for giving you the things that you possess? How many times have you thanked your peers who supported you throughout any of your journey? Begin thanking the nature and people who care about you more often.

Admit your mistakes

By admitting it acknowledging your mistakes, you don’t become smaller. When you admit and acknowledge your mistakes and decide to improve yourself, people begin respecting you more and come from a place of empathy.

Listen more

We humans have a bad habit of talking more when we should have been listening more in a conversation. When you listen more, the person on the other end of the conversation perceives you as a trustworthy person and you also come off as charismatic. This instills a sense of patience in you as well.

Appreciate others

If you see someone doing better than you or better in general, you should take out time and appreciate them for their achievement and efforts. When you appreciate others and see people feeling good about themselves, you get a good feeling out of it. The more and more you tend to do it, you develop a habit of noticing the good in everyone and compliment them.


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