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Why Your Fathers didn’t have a Beard Like you


“It is the beard inside, that makes you a man.”


Today’s era can also be called “The golden age for glorious beards”. Wherever you go, be it subway, malls or even corporate offices. You can find more and more men sporting longer, luscious beards without looking too shabby. This trend may sound new but finds its origin way back, even before the birth of Jesus Christ. After every few decades beards become popular and men grow their facial shrub with great efforts, patience and precision. After the invention of razors and shaving aid, beard started to get a bad rep amongst civilised men with white collar jobs. Shaving became a ritual and growing a beard was associated with carelessness and rebellion and they became unpopular. While you and your friends today may dream of having or already have a thick manly beard. 

Have you ever seen your dad or grandfather sporting a beard or stubble?  

If your answer is no, let us discuss the possible answers to why won’t they grow a beard.  

While men who are Millennials are slowly inclining towards this trend, a full beard wasn’t really popular amongst Baby Boomers or even Generation X. It was an era of moustache or other designer facial hair like a goatee, french beard etc. After a long struggle beards came in the mainstream again and today they can be spotted easily. All thanks to popular movie stars and celebrities like David Beckham, Russell Crowe and many more like them. They made beard a sign of manliness, class and rebellion. However, every other guy can be seen sporting some sort of facial hair, which makes beard a common attribute amongst men of 20s. There is nothing wrong in following a trend but you should be purposeful, all beard should be meaningful. It should either compliment your face, personality, profession or ideology. 

Cultural Importance

Beards aren’t mere facial hair, they hold some sort of cultural importance. Like in most religions, a beard is considered sacred and a sign of purity. In Islam, every male is expected to grow a beard and a full beard is considered a sign of fertility and manliness. While in Sikhism,  a beard exemplifies virtues like wisdom, strength and valour.

Beard and confidence

Having a beard definitely boosts a man’s confidence. Why shouldn’t it? Beards are super masculine features. A beard completely changes how a man’s face looks. Having a beard can make you look aggressive, wise and experienced. Beards are also a good indicator of maturity and testosterone levels. If you want to look macho and rebellious, sporting a beard is a great way to achieve that persona.

Beard and Attraction

In a majority of cases, women prefer guys with beards. Women are attracted to the rugged and roughness that beards project, making a man look rough and his acts rough as well (if you know what I mean). Since beards are related to maturity and high testosterone levels, it makes sense why women prefer guys with fuller, thicker and denser beards.

Patchy Beard

A majority of men out there cannot possibly grow a fuller beard. However, this has got nothing to do with testosterone levels. A patchy beard is tied to genetics, where the man lacks hair follicles on his face. While most men go insecure about their patchy beards and if you are one among them, it is important to understand that your beard has got nothing to do with your testosterone levels. On the contrary, in today’s world there are various ways how one can achieve a full bearded look.

Alternate Ways to Grow a Beard

If you are someone, who cannot grow a beard or have a patchy beard, you may try using Minoxidil. There are thousands on testimonies on the internet talking about Minoxidil and its positive effects on beard growth. Apart from Minoxidil, you can even get a beard transplant from a reputed hair/beard transplant facility. In today’s time, getting a beard is not a bigger challenge. Every man can sport one.

Taking Care of Your Beard

As long as the beard is connected to your face, you must treat it as a living part of your body. You must take care of it just like you take care of your skin. Back then, there weren’t clinically tested and trusted products for beard nourishment and care. However, today there are a wide range of beard products that you can from. This is where the confusion arises. Having so many products out there on market, it makes the task of choosing a reliable product much difficult. This is why, we take the effort of testing different products and giving you an honest opinion about them. Today, we are talking about beard products from CaredBeards. Our friends from CaredBeards were humble enough to send out their Beard Balm, Beard Oil and Mustache Wax to us for testing them out. How did they fare? Let’s find out.

Review of CaredBeards Green Range Beard Products

Beard Oil

The green range beard oil is a deep conditioning oil for your beard. The oil comes in a small 30 ml glass bottle with a dropper. The oil contains hemp seed oil, sunflower oil, kukui nut oil, golden jojoba oil, castor oil, tamanu oil, vitamin E oil, and unique blend of 4 essential oils. With so many good oils blended together, this oil does a great job in conditioning and moisturizing your beard. While CaredBeards claim that the smell is a secondary aspect of their product, but I would go on to say that even the smell is quite great.

Beard Balm

I am in love with the beard balm from CaredBeards. Although the smell of the beard balm may not be for everyone, but I however, like the smell a lot. The beard balm contents contain hemp seed oil, safflower oil, kukui nut oil, golden jojoba oil, castor oil, tamanu oil, vitamin E oil, unique blend of 4 essential oils, Shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter, and beeswax. While nourishing your beard, the wax present in the balm helps in giving the beard a light hold.

Mustache Wax

The mustache wax from CaredBeards was not among the best mustache waxes that I have used. While the wax smells good and has great ingredients including beeswax, Shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter, golden jojoba oil, hemp seed oil, and blend of 4 essential oils, the wax had a hard time keeping my mustache in place. Furthermore, the wax also left white clumps in the mustache which was disappointing to look at the end of the day.


Products from CaredBeards are great for the price you can buy them at. Their combo set of beard oil, beard balm and mustache wax can be bought for just under 600 Rs. The beard balm and beard were really good and they did add softness and luster to my beard but the mustache wax was not my favorite. Side note – my mustache is quite huge as well.




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