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What to wear while working out


Armour is heavy, yet it is a proud burden and the man standeth straight in it- Mark Twain

Fitness isn’t just about the right movements and heavy weights. There are many other things that are need to be considered, even before you workout. Just like any process you need to have all the important tools to finish the job and what you wear makes a hell lot of difference in your movements and progress. We pay attention to our diet and work-outs. How we lift? What do eat? Is our form correct? While, these questions are important. There is one more thing you need to make sure and ask yourself “What to wear while working out?” A lot of fitness experts understands the importance of wearing the right workout gear. This is the very reason you must have seen them wearing a certain brand whenever they workout. Let’s talk about what should you wear while working out.

Old Rug Isn’t Fitness Gear

If you feel your old t-shirts and worn out shorts are perfect for your workout. You are putting yourself and your fitness goals in a big danger. Stretched out t-shirt can feel heavy when you are sweating profusely and your old shorts can be in the way of a proper squat.

Sweat Absorbency Is the Key

The biggest challenge while working out is insane sweating and sometimes it can get annoying. Specialized clothes with a technology called dry fit, can be really helpful in these situations. They have a special microfiber weave which helps to keep you dry during intense workout and they are comfortable too. The workout gear by Chromozome also uses the same technology to enhance your performance and give you maximum result.

Fit is Important too

Well, not just your casual clothes. Your gym outfit should also fit well. Too big or too small clothes can be a hinderance while working out. The right fit provides you mobility and ease of movement. So, whenever you choose a workout gear do not overlook the fit.

Now let’s talk about this amazing brand Chromozome. So, chromozome partnered with us to bring to you their most recent launch of performance wear. I have myself put them to the test and they turn out to be really well-made and deliver what they promise.

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